Clearing the air…

weeping cherries

weeping cherries

Okay, we’re not quite to the weeping cherries yet–that picture was a few years ago.  But on Monday it warmed up enough that we opened the windows for a little while and then Tuesday it was warm enough to open up the house for hours.  What a difference that fresh breeze made after this long, long cold winter!  And, I have to admit, I love daylight savings time so I’ve been thrilled the last few days to see the sun till almost 8.

For some reason that “breath of fresh air” made a bigger difference this time than I can remember.  Not sure whether I’m just that much more sensitive or whether the oppressive feelings I had this winter were just deeper, but it felt like everything changed with those hours of sweet spring air wafting through.  Even now with the house closed back up, the whole atmosphere is so much lighter it’s as if the fresh air gathered up the heavy hibernation feelings and carried them off on the breeze.

I know I’ve heard that lots of you had a rough winter– anyone else getting those first inklings of spring?  Or noticing a stronger reaction than usual to the change of seasons?


14 thoughts on “Clearing the air…

  1. I noticed yesterday how people’s faces were lighter, they smiled more — and without the heavy bulky coats of winter, they are lighter!

    I’m with you — this winter felt oppressive — part me, part the weather, part the darkness.

    Here’s to lightness of being!

    • I can believe it. Even my Chicago friends have been unhappy about winter this year and I sure remember it was generally pretty rough even in a good year. Everyone looks so much happier here in KY since we had a couple of warm days, I;m sure everyone north of us who got some of that nice weather is ecstatic. Of course it snowed again today…

  2. Absolutely Leigh! I was nodding along before I even got to your question, for I too love daylight savings time, and enjoy (at long last!) some warm enough days to open the windows even if only for a little while. The air sweeps away the stagnant energy and brightens everything in its path! I celebrate the approach of spring, and our amazing planet’s return to days of long sunshine. And yes, it has felt like an especially challenging winter – both in the weather, and within. Whew. We’re almost there! Bring on the Light! 😀

    • Oh nice. So looking forward to that. Normally by this time some of our early stuff would be blooming or at least coming up. But it snowed again today… Soon though.

  3. Spring is coming! I was just saying the other day, how though it doesn’t look like it yet, there is a sense of spring just about the burst through everything. It’s just palpable. Celebrate! 🙂

    • I’m holding on to that as I look out at the latest round of snow. Don’t “they” know Kentucky isn’t supposed to have snow this late? Can’t take away that breeze that blew through here though…

  4. the extra daylight makes all the difference in the world! each year i feel it more and more. also for the past few weeks i’ve been observing a beautiful magnolia tree blooming, as i walk to work. it’s gone from tiny buds, to full and pink now – makes me happy! i love the robin williams line: “spring is nature’s way of saying – let’s party!” 🙂 aleya

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