Lovely exercise on Bardo Group post

Painted tray by Laurie Rohner

Since the post below is responding to a post in Bardo Group’s lovely environmental-inspired challenge for Valentine’s Day, I thought some of Laurie’s art would be appropriate. And it seemed time to introduce you to her home decor and furniture art.  So check over here to see more of her lovely pieces.

When I started reading Terry Stewart’s post on Bardo Group today I was sitting on the floor with my laptop in my lap and something or other on the Olympics airing on the nearby T.V.  But as soon as I started reading the exercise she gave us I started doing it.  I never did get up and shift to a likelier place and it took a few minutes before it occurred to me to turn off the sound on the television but somehow I became deeply engaged.

From the first level of feeling into the earth and asking Her, “What is your desire,” I started getting back, “For you to be healed so that I can heal.”  At first startled and wondering if I’d made it up, I kept moving upward with the exercise and at every level the answer from earth, “For you to be healed so that I can heal.”

Now, I’ve been convinced for a long time that our dis-ease, emotional and physical, corresponds with Earth’s issues and that human healing means Earth healing.  And I’ve been sure for a long time that the long, mysterious process of ill health and trouble finding answers is an important piece of my path.  But I never quite connected my own healing so directly with being part of Earth’s healing.

When I reached third eye, I received not just that message but a very strong knowing that this healing journey and what I can bring to others about my process is why I’m here.  Whew!  I’m still reeling from the power I felt as I moved through this exercise.  While hanging out on the floor with my laptop.  And my screen continually switching to the screensaver and keeping me from seeing the next instruction.  And the t.v. on…

Thanks, Terry.  Loved it!  I highly recommend that y’all check out the post and try the exercise.

9 thoughts on “Lovely exercise on Bardo Group post

  1. Wow, that’s a powerful experience to receive that message from the earth. I feel that the earth gives me messages too, but none as explicit as this message. Here’s to your healing so that the earth may be healed!


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