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energy-healing-synergybyjasmine (Photo credit: Synergy by Jasmine)

I finally managed to face the long-planned task of marking all the posts about my healing process with the category “healing journey” and creating a page that has only those posts.  So,Ta Da.  You can see it on the menu above.  When I get rested up from that one there might be a page for the posts I’ve done with info on yoga and movement.  Maybe.  :>)

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11 thoughts on “Healing Journey Page

  1. Good job! I am impressed. I have been thinking about doing the same with some of my posts, but I always get overwhelmed. 😉 Afterwards, though, it feels so great to be organized, doesn’t it?

    • I stayed in the overwhelm phase for quite a while… But it does feel good to finally have it done. The nice thing is that once all the posts you want on the page have been marked with the same category (that’s the tiresome part for me) the actual adding of page is pretty easy.

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