Turning to Sochi


By Xiaowei on Wikimedia

I’m a big winter Olympics fan — mostly because the one sport I follow faithfully is figure skating.  So, little though I’ve been posting recently, you may see even less of me for the next two weeks because there’s skating and ski-jumping to watch, stories of triumph and tragedy to be told and I’m going to be glued to it!

If you want to feel spirit soaring across the ice I highly recommend that you watch the performances of Davis and White in Ice Dance.

10 thoughts on “Turning to Sochi

  1. OMG Leigh, I’d forgotten you’re a skating fan – I watched all of the team events today (on TV in my hotel room), and can also watch on Saturday but not Sunday, then I can see pairs short and long and that’s it for me – we head into the Amazon for 9 days and I don’t think I’ll find a tv there 🙂

    • Glad you;ll get to see at least a bit. Might be a little skating still after your nine days… I enjoyed it tonight though I feel so bad that Jeremy Abbott’s nerves get in the way of letting the world see how amazing he is. I don’t ever get to see world level pairs any more (NBC here never shows it) so I’m no longer familiar with the teams but very impressed by the Canadians and Russians! Have fun in the Amazon!

      • Heart broken for Jeremy – he’s just never really learned the toughness required of a competitor, and he’s one of the most talented and beautiful skaters there is. I still manage to follow all disciplines through FSU and YT videos. Seeing it live on TV is an enormous treat for me. And – we’ll be back in Vancouver next year when Skate Canada is in Kelowna so I’ll be going to that. In the meantime there’s the jungle . . . . . .
        I know you’re gonna have sooooo much fun immersed in the Olympics! Enjoy!

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    • From what I gather both our countries are going to have lots to be happy about. And even though I’m hoping Jeremy Abbott finally manages to pull off a medal, I’m also pulling for the exquisite Patrick Chan!

  4. Leigh, I love figure skating too, though I haven’t been watching it as closely in the last couple winter Olympics. Your excitement is inspiring me to get back into watching the winter sports, especially since there isn’t much else to do in this extremely cold and snowy winter. 🙂 Karen

    • I hear that — we’re having a very uncharacteristically bad winter here (feel like I’m back in Michigan ) and I’m looking forward to curling up under a blanket and watching people who actually like to be in the snow. Probably won’t curl up and watch curling though….

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