Botanical nature art watercolor print at Between The Weeds.

If you’ve been enjoying the paintings and watercolors Laurie has been letting me display on my blogs, you’ll be happy to hear she’s now making them available as prints.

Between The Weeds

After asking Etsy if I could do this in my shop I have decided to add prints of my original artwork. Etsy even said it is OK to ship it from the print site I use as long as it is in my about section. Just because I am so thorough I have added information in my policies section too.

This is one of the prints available but I am adding more.

Garden Botanical Nature Art Watercolor print of my original painting garden flowers. This is a botanical garden illustration with an assortment of wildflowers and garden favorites. This print is a museum quality reproduction of an my original artwork by Laurie Rohner

Garden Flowers
Image size 14 x 11 inch
Paper size 16 x 13 inch
Palette Colors: raspberry pink, leaf green, hot pink, clear blue, smokey amethyst, soft purple, lavender.
The original watercolor painting sold by Laurie…

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