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Another old post, with some tweaks, about energy.  I’ll expand a little bit about the three practices in another post.

A few years ago — 20 some years into struggling with chronic fatigue and the twisted muscles issue — I hit a new phase in understanding the “energy-ness” of being.  It occurred to me that maybe instead of massages and acupuncture and supplements, I should work on balancing and raising energy.

I reviewed the many practices I’d learned over 20+ years of workshops and classes and chose three:  (1) the Eight Key Breaths; (2) the Five Tibetan Rites; and (3) Flying Crane Chi Gung.  I picked the Key Breaths because they build a strong energy — enough to start pushing open closed spaces — and they raise vibrational level too.  The Five Tibetan Rites are very balancing and they address the endocrine system which has been one of my major problem areas.  Flying Crane Chi Gung also balances energy, but specifically it — like other forms of Chi Gung and Tai Chi, etc. — builds chi, or prana.

In 2008 I began doing those three practices.  The Key Breaths I did pretty faithfully every day.  With the Rites and Flying Crane I tended often to do one or the other every day but I tried to do all three practices.  What a difference!   In fairness, over this period I was also regularly practicing the routines I’ve designed (and been teaching) combining triggers of release from Robert Masters’ Psychophysical Method with traditional yoga and receiving amazing Body Patterning treatments, both of which are clearly contributors.

The process of healing until that point was incredibly slow.  I give a lot of credit to the effects of the energy changing practices.  As my muscles return to normal I’m much more able to feel nuances of what the practices do and I feel their power ever more.  I can feel the powerful force of the Key Breaths pushing on blocked places.  I can feel how much my chi has improved.  I can feel the balancing effects of each practice and that there are subtle differences in each.  I’ll never know how things would have gone without the Body Patterning and the exercises, but  I think that building and balancing the energy changed everything.
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When I started practicing kundlini yoga a couple of years ago my focus shifted and the other three practices became more sporadic though I keep up with the Key Breaths pretty well.  For some months I kept being told in meditation that I should go back to the three energy practices but I love the kundalini yoga so much I took my time.  Recently during some inward shifts I just naturally felt it was the moment and those practices are becoming my routine again.  Every time I return to them after opening some more I appreciate even more how much they do to heal, build energy, and balance.

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