I always enjoy Karen’s posts and this shamanic journey that she’s put on soundcloud is lovely.

a structure for spirit

One of the most auspicious gurus to cross the threshold to a new year with is a Spirit ally.

A Spirit ally reinforms our walk on Earth by guiding us from dimensions that are higher, wider and deeper than the limited lens that often informs our world view.

image[7]On a recent journey I met a white tiger, one whose wisdom I have been calling on ever since.

There is no special invocation needed to call forth a Spirit guide. They are always with us. Calling to them is more to orient us to their presence.

Information from a Spirit ally can come through in images, as words or as a felt sense or knowing in the body.

I often call upon the wisdom of a Spirit ally during my yoga practice as I meet a block or tension in my body, however any moment is perfect.


This morning as I…

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4 thoughts on “AN AUSPICIOUS GURU

  1. Thank you Leigh. I followed your link to Karen’s site, and took the Auspicious Guru journey through soundcloud…


    What a gift. What a beautiful way to end 2013 and open myself up to the possibilities of 2014.

    I am excited.

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