Transition Time?

Pink Peony by Laurie Rohner

The above picture is presented with gratitude for Laurie’s permission to use her art.  Please go check it out on her site.

The last four or five days have been interesting and trying.  A bad cold over the weekend had me down for the count.  One night while miserably not sleeping from its effects the muscles in my jaw opened enough for the formerly numb nerve endings to come to life and shout “Ow!”  I didn’t know my jaw could hurt that much without a dentist in the story.  Then that gave me a headache.

When I finally gave up on sleep and got up to make a nest by the T.V. and hang out I was thinking, “This is too much!  Really, on top of the cold you now have to saddle me with this?”  But later, after the Ibuprofen kicked in, I realized that for the first time in living memory my jaw didn’t feel clenched.  There are still some strands of muscles that haven’t finished the unwinding process but the deep, deep stuff wound into my jaw — especially at the hinges — has finally let go enough for me to feel like my jaw is relatively restored to health.

Suddenly I felt thankful that the Universe let me have all that misery at once instead of in consecutive rounds over the course of days or weeks.  And so grateful to feel the flow of blood and energy in my poor, formerly-numb-with-tightness jaw.

The post on Brenda’s Blog last week talked about a spell of transition arriving during the week and although her piece talked about big emotional responses, I felt like my cold and the muscle shifts were my responses.  If I released a bunch of associated emotions I never noted it.  But something changed.

I’ve said for a while that I felt like the muscles holding on in my face and head were creating emotional feeling tones of their own even though I released most of the emotional stuff that created them.  And along the way I figured out that ancestral patterns created a lot of the muscle patterns in that area.  I’m noticing so far that this shift leaves me feeling free of that sense of “jaw-clenching” anger or tense anxiety that most of the time were at odds with what I really felt at any given time.

This long journey hasn’t finished.  I keep giving you lots of detail because I so believe that your muscles have such an impact on your spiritual journey and your emotional journey.  Whatever you have yet to address in your muscle system may be just the healing you need.

8 thoughts on “Transition Time?

  1. Dear Leigh,
    Another wonderful post.

    Of course your emotional release was physical – “my face and head were creating emotional feeling tones of their own.”

    Thank you for that insight and tying it into emotional releases. My channels seem to be more about emotional pieces than physical.
    Blessings and Love,

    • Thanks. I did tons of emotional work early on but the tie-in to physical for me has always been key. I just translate the emotion talk in your posts to how it works for me… :>)

  2. That lovely awareness within you keeps opening a little further each time. Yes, it would be so much better to not happen when you are feeling at your lowest, but then I suppose it would not have the impact as it did. Love your journey, spoken like a true traveller. Love, light and blessings for this time Leigh, may the love all around enfold you in it’s truth for a lovely (painfree) season. All the best, Mark.x

  3. Lovely post Leigh, thank you! I too have been keeping a lot of my anger in my jaws. I’ve paid more attention to it from reading your posts. I’ve asked the massage therapist to spend more time in my jaws now more than ever — thanks to you and your sharing of your journey! 🙂 Miuch Love and Much Blessings to you…Namaste…♥♥♥NadineMarie♥♥♥

    • So glad something I said was helpful. I’ve found there was almost more anger in my jaws from my lineage than my past/emotions/issues. Glad to hear you’re getting them worked on. Love to you too, Leigh

  4. I love reading about your connections between mind, body, and spirit. It’s always so inspiring and beautiful. Hope you’re feeling better! xx

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