A little down turned around — thanks dear bloggers

Laurie Rohner

Another of Laurie Rohner’s lovely watercolors (shown here with permission) can be found here.

I’ve been a little down in the dumps today.  So tired of the health/muscles stuff — it’ll be 30 years in approx. January since I started acupuncture (ultimately spending tens of thousands of dollars on possibly every type of bodywork/alternative medicine known to man –hey only a slight exaggeration :>), and not about the $$).  Sooo much better now than then but wow, what a long road!  Anyway, a reading (for which I am very grateful) that indicated I now have a NEW health issue threw me over the edge for a while.

Then I started catching up on blog reading.  And the first few posts I read turned me around.  The biggest heads up came from Sloan over at Taming the Invisible Dragon, reminding me that the journey goes on and every time we  open something up or find a success we move on to face another challenge.  And the way she picked herself up from disappointment reminded me that I know how to do that too.

Similarly, Rachel at Be Whole Now reminded me that I can choose how I respond to despair.

Gary over at Waking Spirals reminded me that there IS such a thing as too much problem solving.  I’ve been digging around in the foundations for so long I sometimes forget that my life is more than an unending parade of problems to solve…

Brenda’s channeling posts over on Welcome to Brenda’s Blog have regularly helped me feel better.  Her posts have helped me see for the first time that I’m not the only one for whom this journey has seemed long and slow and often unrewarding.  The post today was just what I needed to hear.

As I mentally wrote my rant I also decided that I’d tell people please not to offer unsolicited suggestions because, while I totally understand the kind intent behind it, I also feel a little dissed by it.  And then I read today’s post over on Earth and Ink suggesting that we should just feel the kindness and be grateful for it…  Okay, throw out the rest of the whiny, complaining post!

Slowly, as I read these I shifted to a different space.  Then I looked at the info on the reading mentioned at the top and dragged out a couple of books and got my own, quite different interpretation.  While I know that any kind of reading is just an interpretation and that you can always choose to have a different path or outcome, I forgot for a while that I could read the info and see how it felt to me.  Once I shifted to a different space, it was easy to see.  On another day, without feeling down to begin with, I probably would have taken it differently.

Those are not the only blogs that had good things to say so don’t feel bad if you didn’t make this list — I appreciate all the loving members of my blogging community.  And even though you didn’t know it,  I needed you today and in the love you put out in your posts you were there for me.  Thanks.

I’m grateful to me too because once upon a time if I’d even dragged my sorry ass to the reader I probably wouldn’t have taken in or been impacted by those posts.  And that takes me to the part of the long journey I tend to gloss over– although a lot of the outward manifestation has amounted to very little in all these years, the transformation in my Self and how I handle the world has been immense.  The change already serves me well and as I move along I know that all those changes will ultimately contribute to everything that comes.


16 thoughts on “A little down turned around — thanks dear bloggers

  1. It is so helpful when someone shares their process…….the good, the bog, and the maze.
    Because it is so easy to lose sight of the reality that the process is what it is all about and that the key word is perseverance. Thanks for being willing to share your journey…..however zig zag or seemingly messy it may appear. I keep trying to remember that life is like a beautiful tapestry that we mostly see from the confusing messy looking underside. It helps to know I’m not alone.

    • The being “up to here” with the long process of getting well is pretty much always present — just some days I deal better than others. Most of the time my practices keep me at equilibrium so I’m better now. Thanks! Hope you enjoy some of the blogs.

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  3. Hello Leigh,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to highlight my channels. There are so many wonderful channels and pieces of information about this transition now available on the web.

    I’m sorry your physical being is not necessarily a comfortable vehicle for you. I wish I had a magic potion for you.

    You’ve provided me and so many others with wonderful thoughts and activities to help us through this transition. I wish we could do the same for you.

    Please know I’m thinking of you and would very much appreciate it if you would keep us posted – so we could send loving energy to you. We’re in this together.
    Love Brenda

    • You’re welcome — I like supporting fellow bloggers.
      When I’m feeling better — as I have been since this post, I sense that my tough physical journey has been providing me with info to share so I try to stay grateful for that.
      I so appreciate the energy — and I will definitely be keeping up this story on the blog.

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