Trying a new peace prayer

Don’t forget, today’s the last day for the free download of Relating Heart to Heart: A Guide to Playing Well with Others. The link to its page on Amazon is here and I think the free downloads end at midnight PST.

For some reason I’ve still been feeling experimental about what I do for Collective Prayer Sunday and I’ve also been hit or miss about meditating and chanting.  By last night I was kind of longing for singing chants so I sang the Gayatri first.  Then, I really love singing Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya so that came next.  And, specifically for peace, I finished with Om Shanti Om.

Loved it.  Noticed the Gayatri mainly opened my heart.  Om Namo touched heart, but I felt it especially in second chakra.  When I added Om Shanti Om I felt energy build also in third though it was mainly heart.  And I couldn’t tell whether the third chakra action arose from that chant or built because of energy moving between second and fourth.  It all felt good.  I found that even though I loved it a part of me wanted to do the Lovingkindness Chant but I ran out of time.

I seem to always lean back into my old favorite, Lovingkindness…


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