Gratitude and CPS time

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I waited a few days to post about gratitude because I’ve been cultivating an attitude of gratitude for a while and it has been growing recently but I didn’t feel unusually grateful on Thanksgiving.  Not that I’m not grateful for a life in which I live in a house and have food to put on the table.

I think the greatest moments of gratitude came over the 8 or 9 days before when we were having a new roof put on.  We’ve needed one for quite a while and couldn’t afford it — holding our breaths every time it rained or snowed…  A few things fell into place so that we could finally have it done and, while the constant pounding and banging was a bit trying the sounds represented abundance and the universe providing to me, so I felt grateful.

However, toward the end the contractor wanted to get paid for the whole job and suddenly it was more than the estimate and no longer included any of the work inside.  We contended that the agreement had been to do all of it and gave 2/3 at that time, refusing to pay the rest until the whole job was completed.  The indoor crew arrived and began working so I assumed that he’d capitulated.  My mother, the voice of doom and gloom, fretted that he was going to announce we owed a bunch more when they finished.  I assumed he wouldn’t have had them even start the work knowing that we didn’t intend to pay any more, unless he’d capitulated.

On Tuesday one of the workmen came pounding at the door and spent 10 minutes yelling and screaming about his pay and threatening to put a lien on the house.  My mother was instantly convinced that all the contracting problems were about to come down on us.  I started to be sucked in but after a few minutes I took a breath, silently said the lovingkindness chant for the man who was so upset, checked in to my calm place and decided that it was all going to work out fine and that the remaining balance would stay the same.  A while later the contractor arrived to apologize profusely for the man, who’d been fired earlier by the subcontractor.  The work was completed and he accepted a check for the amount agreed upon.

That was such a big moment for me to step aside from the maelstrom around me and choose to assume a different and better outcome.  It made me so grateful for all the teachers and books that gave me the practices and new thoughts to change my outlook so completely.  And my persistence at working at it all; I’m grateful to me too.

Collective Prayer Sundays:  In case you’re new, we’re finding 10 minutes at a minimum to pray or chant or meditate (or???) for peace every Sunday.  Details are on the CPS page.For comments:  you can comment here or on that page or you can go to the Facebook page.


10 thoughts on “Gratitude and CPS time

  1. Well done Leigh! It can test the saints when those times come down on us. But you…you have attained sainthood…with all your practises you were able to breeeeeathe, and all worked out as it should. Take a bow my friend! Namaste

  2. How wonderful for you to be able to step into a different place in the middle of the storm. I can understand your gratitude to the teachers and books. I also understand the gratitude towards yourself. Well done you! You were willing to do the work and it paid off. How sweet is that?!
    Hugs from me

    • Yes, I used to run toward the maelstrom a block away, so it was lovely to just consciously step back and choose a different way — and so satisfying to get such a nice result!

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