Don’t forget the free book

relating heart cover creator cover_edited

Relating Heart to Heart should go free on Amazon –it hasn’t yet as I write, but it’s supposed to be free starting today and going through Monday.   It’s my guide to better relationships using spiritual principles and practices.  Please grab a copy during these days (11/30-12/02):

If you like it please do any or all of the following:

1.  Buy a copy for a friend

2. Write a review on Amazon

3.  Write a post about it

4.  Spread the word on social media



7 thoughts on “Don’t forget the free book

  1. I wish you well on this venture…I’ve heard that a good way to promote books is to be on a tawdry reality TV show, and/or become involved in a scandal with a well-known political figure. Haven’t tried either myself, so I can’t say if they actually work.

    • I’m sure that would help but I’m pretty sure (I hope???) that I’m not awful enough to get on a reality tv show… Hmm and the best known political figure around here is Mitch McConnell… picture me shuddering… Not with a ten foot pole. So I guess I have to just harass my friends and keep working the social media.

  2. I picked up a copy of the book, and hope to read it in the next few weeks. My schedule is a bit busy, but then I’ll give you a positive review! I looked through it briefly on Kindle and it looks great!

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