Yea! Book is Done!

Look over there to the right and check it out — my little book on relationships is up on Kindle.  Relating Heart to Heart.  It’s going to be free Nov. 30-Dec. 2 so please lovely blog readers get yourselves a free copy from me next weekend!  Regular price will be $2.99.

If you like it I ask for any or all of the following:

  1. buy a copy for a friend (or all of them :>)
  2. write a review on Amazon
  3. write a blog post about it
  4. tell everyone you know

Somehow I haven’t been able to get it together to write posts this week — between roofers pounding nine hours a day and trying to do stuff to finish the book, just couldn’t get to it.


26 thoughts on “Yea! Book is Done!

  1. Wow, Leigh. This is so very, VERY, exciting. CONGRATULATIONS!!! If I can figure out how to use this site, YES, OF COURSE I want to read your new book and pass it along to others! Your work, and wisdom, Leigh, deserves the very best! No doubt about it. Isn’t it wonderful how this amazing life and living keeps on meandering and shirting and evolving? Right On!


    • So great to hear from you! I’ve had you on my mind lately. Thanks so much! It is wonderful — and what adventures we’ve both had over the years we’ve known one another!

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