A few new things, a challenge and it’s CPS time again!

Peace symbol for CPS

*I used to do a post every Monday that I called Healing Journey Mondays — those were the posts where I discussed the physical aspects of my journey and also provided yoga info.  I kind of faded away from those posts a while ago…  kind of tired of all this health stuff.  I do like writing about yoga though.

However, I don’t always have a whole post worth of things to say, so I’m going to try out putting Yoga Tips at the end of some or all of my posts.  Just little pieces of advice about particular postures.

*I’ve also been not so happy with the “Collective Prayer Sunday” title — you may have noted that my talent for titles is often in the negative.  And when I’m excited about a project and getting it going I tend to throw a title on in too big a hurry.  Anyway, I’m thinking of something along the lines of “Peace Prayer Sundays” — but I’d love to hear suggestions! Or thoughts on why I should leave it alone…

*And I’m also considering expanding the hours for CPS (or whatever it’s title???) to something more like 6 a.m. to midnight on Sundays (still in your own time zone).  Seems like  some folks like to meditate in the morning and I want it to be as inclusive as possible.  Weigh in with any pros or cons, please.

*A few posts ago I wrote about marketing spiritual stuff.  People stopped by and gave some long, thoughtful answers (and there’s a late entry or two) so if  you’re interested in the topic you might want to go check out the comments on that post.

*CHALLENGE:  I’m late getting this up.  My challenge has been trying to think of a challenge that doesn’t put any extra feeling of stress on you as we move into this busy holiday season.  So I decided to keep it simple:  I challenge you, from now through December 29, to find at least 10 minutes to pray/meditate/chant for peace every Sunday, no matter how busy.  Any time on Sunday.  And make sure, in the midst of the holiday stuff (whatever that may be to you), that those 10 minutes bring peace to you!

Finally, it’s Collective Prayer Sundays time again.  Don’t forget to pray or chant or meditate for peace in whatever way you prefer for 10 minutes minimum.  Come back here to comment on your experience.  Or start a conversation on the Facebook page.  Or write a post that includes a link to this post and tag it CollPraySun.


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