Tonight’s Peace Time: Ceremony Repeat

Many of you know that I created a ceremony in September to break the spell of an ancestor.  I felt it was powerful and definitely moved a lot of energy–I could especially tell because the bound up muscles in my head that were held by her spell began unwinding at quite a pace.  The unwinding kept going for quite a while but recently slowed down.

I can’t always get an absolute sense of whether something like that has “worked” or not — maybe in part because of the block to my “seeing” that the ancestor created….  I felt guided shortly after the ceremony to info about the “ego eradicator” and took on the challenge to practice it for 40 days.  Again I’ve felt powerful energy and my energy has been stronger than in a long time.  I’ve also shaken off some cobwebs and started moving forward with various projects that have been in limbo in recent months.

But as I’ve approached the last day of ego busting tomorrow, I’ve noted that the unwinding in my head has stalled somewhere short of finished.  The blocks in first and third chakras seem to have opened quite nicely but my head — and sixth — seem to be partially stuck.  I know sometimes you can release an issue and it takes a while for muscles to catch up but somehow I felt that the ancestor’s grip, while loosened incredibly, still held to some degree in my head.

So tonight I did the ceremony again.  I started out just wanting to do ceremony and thinking I’d do all the parts except the little bit that relates specifically to the ancestor.  Last minute I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to do it all since I’ve been hazy as to whether the first one completely took care of it.  Like I said my ability to sense this kind of thing is sketchy…  The progress of the unwinding muscles has been my touchstone.

Since my ceremony starts with the lovingkindness chant and since all of this is, I feel, key to removing blocks to being peace, I chose tonight to do it as my offering to Collective Prayer Sundays.  Again no magic moment in which I felt certain that she’s gone and my world is now transformed.  But wow the energy was powerful.  And the few muscles that are still twisted are seriously in unwinding mode.  Plus I love a powerful ceremony!  How was your time of chanting or praying for peace?

6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Peace Time: Ceremony Repeat

  1. Hey just wanted to let u know that sometimes it is easier to release energies through lower chakras, even if you are feeling energy build up in your higher chakras. You choose the lowest chakra that is out of balance (it will probably be your first chakra but you will need to check), you open it, and keep pushing the ‘heavy’ energy that you feel is in your head out through that lower chakra, either using your breath or the chant – if that’s what you are used to. You will feel the energy moving and you keep doing it until you don’t feel it in your body any more. Then don’t forget to rebalance and close the lower chakra.
    It also helps to know why you were vulnerable to her spells and work on dissolving the pattern that keeps her spells in place energetically. Hope this helps! Keep up the great work & good luck xox

    • Sounds good. A Balinese healer had me moving energy down to help with kundalini years ago. As of today my head is opening.
      According to the shaman who first alerted me to this issue her spell hit every woman in the seven succeeding generations so I’ve never felt I had some special reason to be impacted by her spell though aspects of the bound up muscles in my head have clearly been convenient for other issues too…

  2. Hi Leigh, still following your energy on this journey and enjoying the thinking and growing that is a part of it. Just a thought to throw into the ring and release if it doesn’t fit. Could it be that the spell that the ancestor created was actually a part of you? You have completely removed or nullified it, but feel an awareness of what it was using within you, and it is ‘feeling’ different because of you not being used to it not being there any more. As an example, in my early days when I had moved into a higher awareness and healed from that place, I found it eventually became second nature but sometimes felt like I was not sure if it was working any more as I no longer ‘felt’ the strength of what it once was. Eventually I could ‘feel’ it as just being a part of what I was. I think it was part of that acclimatation process of adjusting my vibration to what I was becoming. Namaste

    • If I’m understanding, yes I think it’s possible that I’ve just been used to holding my body in the pattern dictated by her spell. I also know from past experience that sometimes you can release the emotion or issue and the reptilian brain keeps holding the muscle pattern…
      Nice insight, thanks.

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