Almost done! And it’s pray for peace time.

Cottage Garden Bouquet, Laurie Rohner

The art is here with Laurie’s permission.  You can check this one out here and wander through the gallery here.

I spent a lot of the day working on the cover for the e-book I’m about to put out.relating heart cover creator cover_edited

That’s my top pick of the ones I’ve done so far.  What do you think?

I also did some editing.  It’s close!  So glad to be finally moving.

Lately things are picking up for Collective Prayer Sundays on Twitter and FB.  I love to feel it growing.  This is your chance to pick the prayer or chant or meditation or ceremony or vision for peace that feels best to you and join others in practicing for a minimum of 10 minutes every Sunday.  The next challenge will be posted this next week.  Please add your energy to the movement toward world peace.  As always comment here or on the Facebook page if you want to start a conversation about your experience.  Or write a post and link to this post and tag it CollPraySun.

I’m looking into how to create a “hangout” on Google where some of us can chant together — if anyone knows more than I do or can point me to a good “how-to” on line, I’d appreciate the help!  In the meantime there’s a recording on the CPS page that lets you chant “with” me any time you want.

Have a peaceful Sunday!  Namaste, Leigh


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