Consciousness streaming hither and yon

Woodland Wildflowers by Laurie Rohner

Lots of thoughts keep dancing through my head for posts and most feel pithy so I’m just going to throw out some random thoughts.

I’m very excited that Laurie Rohner (blog here and studio site here) has graciously allowed me to use pictures from her gallery to accompany blog posts.  I love her work so it’s going to make me so happy to see these on the top of some of my posts.  Today’s picture is available here.

I took last night completely off from all social media activities and wow it felt good.  Between Twitter and keeping up with reading everyone else’s blogs I’m putting in a huge portion of every day on just keeping up.  I’m looking at how many posts have gone up on the reader since I read some early yesterday and my shoulders are drooping–at least metaphorically.  I have to admit that I’m becoming more and more cursory.  There’s one group of blogs I adore and look forward to seeing every day.  Another group that I sometimes enjoy.  A whole bunch more that rarely thrill me and/or post too many times a day.  I used to try to read them all regardless of which of those categories they fell in but more and more I’m skipping stuff or just looking at the picture in the reader.  Anyone else get overwhelmed by how much of this stuff there is?

You may recall that I mentioned last Sunday that I tried the Gayatri Mantra in place of the Lovingkindness Chant and had mixed feelings.  Last night I sang the Gayatri first and then spoke the Lovingkindness Chant for Mother Earth and that felt lovely.  The singing kind of opened up the heart space so the energy of lovingkindness just flowed.

This afternoon I just completed my second look at Relating Heart to Heart:  A Guide to Playing Well with Others, the little e-book(let) I’ve been working on.  As well as proofing/editing, I added all the front pages and the appendix.  Have a tiny bit of format stuff to do for Kindle.  Mulling whether I should add one short section that’s been on my mind.  Wednesday I have lunch with a writing friend who’s got the first draft and is going to comment.  Exciting to be so close!

The appendix I worked on involved abbreviated lists of admonitions that we used in Fischer-Hoffman process.  I used them extensively in the process and then periodically for some years after I would process some more of them.  I kind of dropped doing the process about 10 years ago.  But as I looked at the list I realized that I had so many big-ticket items on my voluminous list in the first rounds of processing that there were a lot of lesser issues I never got around to.  I could see a bunch of stuff in the list that could stand to be addressed.  Sigh…  I guess I’m going to be doing the Process again.  [BTW I went through with the late Ellen Margron who, after 25 years of facilitating F-H, had developed her own version, so not the quadrinity process.]

I’m down to a week left of my 40 days of ego busting and I must admit I’m beginning to drag my feet.  Not that I don’t love it, I seriously do.  Just the burden of feeling it has to happen every single day is getting to me.  I’ll probably keep doing it when the 40 days are over.  And it might even be every day — but it won’t be required.  I have issues about having stuff that has to be done every day…



4 thoughts on “Consciousness streaming hither and yon

  1. Oh, those are lovely images and a great addition.

    I hear you on social media. I take pretty much every weekend away from them and even just had a nearly two month hiatus from blogging to focus on other projects.

    It does the spirit good.


    • I’m thinking I need to pick at least one day to stay away from it all. I’m also just getting much more picky about how many posts I read, which I read all the way through, etc.
      Glad you like the pic. I’m pleased to be able to use such lovely art.

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