The Affirmation Effect and CPS Open

A couple of posts ago I talked about my experience halfway through the 40 days of ego eradicator to which I committed a while back.   In that post I discussed how hard it is, when you’re doing a number of practices and using different body work techniques, to decide what created what.  I mentioned a few things I’ve been doing but I left out my recent affirmation work because I wanted to feature it in a post.

Back in the 80’s, when I started the journey, Dick Sutphen was kind of a big name in the New Age field.  He had lots of tapes and videos using positive affirmations combined with hypnosis and subliminal messages to help create new, positive thinking.  At the time there was lots of interest in the whole subliminal impact thing — I don’t see so much about it any more, but then, as I’ve noted in the past, I don’t haunt metaphysical bookstores any more so maybe I’m just unaware…

I’ve always liked and believed in the idea that the unconscious can pick up lots of stuff in sleep (as long as we’re talking positive stuff and not maniupulative commercial programming) or when played softly in the background so Sutphen’s work appealed to me. I have a video from something like 1988 called “Love and Believe in Yourself” (apparently never made available as a DVD or download) and I’ve periodically done a round of watching it daily –sometimes with gaps of years – ever since I got it.  Also have a few audio tapes of positive messages.  I have things by other people and I know there are new folks in the field but for some reason I always liked his stuff (partly I like his voice which is often not true for me).

Earlier this year I thought about him and wondered if he’s still around and what’s he’s up to.  Discovered he’s not just still around but is still prolifically putting out recordings of hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages including a series called Zappers.  Each Zapper is on a specific topic and has a series of affirmations repeated over and over for about an hour.

Although I’ve been a New Age/New Thought follower since I began and totally believe in positive thinking and that what we think about affects our reality, I’ve also struggled mightily for many years at keeping my head from playing negative tapes in the background most of the time.  I’ve tried setting up a watcher to nudge me when negative thoughts arise, I’ve written affirmations for some major issues that tend to loop through so that I can start repeating positive thoughts when I catch those negative ones, I’ve watched hypnosis videos, blah, blah.

I’ve ultimately realized that much of that pattern for me has been tied to the ancestral issues and wound up muscles in my head (this post has a list of posts about all this at the bottom, if you’re new and interested…) but last winter I decided that I wanted to try to impact the thoughts from another direction at the same time as I addressed the ancestral and muscles issues.

I downloaded one Dick Sutphen recording and then another and another…  I started playing them on a repeating loop on my computer during the day and then on my tablet as I slept.  I found that Spotify has lots of his stuff and put together a list that includes many recordings I’ve not yet bought as well as ones I have and began playing it on a loop whenever I’m in the room with the computer.

I’ve missed days and sometimes chosen to skip either the day or the evening play, but I’ve kept it up for something like six or seven months now*.  After a month or two I started noticing that my thinking generally seemed to be more positive and that I didn’t catch myself on negative loops as often.

Now this has increased dramatically since my head as opened so much more and especially since I did my Ceremony.  The Deva Premal challenge that I completed and the ego eradicator practice that I began after the Ceremony have finalized the shift.  But I want to give a lot of credit to the subtle but powerful impact I’ve felt just from playing those tapes softly for hours a day and letting my subconscious create some new neural nets.

*Note:  Since I got into the Deva Premal chants I play Sanskrit chants instead quite often.


2 thoughts on “The Affirmation Effect and CPS Open

  1. Hi Leigh,
    Just like you, I used to love Dick S. but forgot all about him in the past couple of decades. Will review his materials once again thanks to you.And thank you for the generational information. Don’t you love how the Internet allows us to share information and thoughts?
    Blessings and Sparkles,

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