7 thoughts on “Our First Olympic Gold in Ice Dance?

  1. I have yet to watch this 😦 but will soon. I think they are magnificent. My faves of theirs: Samson&Delilah, Giselle, Bollywood, Phantom – all swoon-worthy. I’m sure you’d mentioned at some point that you are a FS fan but I’d forgotten.

    (but I love V&M more :))

    • Yes, love all of those — they’ve had lots of transcendent moments. In my early days of watching ice dance my faves were always from other countries and I never thought the US would have contenders… And I also like V&M!

      • Forgot to mention Die Fledermaus! How could I forget Die Fledermaus?! Best free dance they’ve done I think, S&D a close second.
        BTW I’ve watched the vid now – thanks for posting it. It’s better quality than the vid posted on FSU, and it’s heaven to see a performance without commentary. They are magnificent but it’s not my fave dance from them. Still it’s certainly good enough to get them the gold I think.

        • Yes, Die Fledermaus also great. I guess part of what impressed me about this one was this is the first competition of the season and that is one great piece. When they’ve tweaked it and made it more complex by the Olympics I think it’ll be amazing. Plus Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherezade is a long time fave of mine.

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