Dreaming Peace: Monthly Peace Challenge

Salty staying out of the snow and being peace

Note:  Went to the linkz list to see if there were new posts to check out and realized I never added my link…  Also added a couple more links to challenge posts that went up since I originally posted.

I wound up sitting yet again with Kozo’s challenge this month, kind of undecided what to write.  I’ve been bopping back and forth between the challenge to describe a day of peace and the one to imagine being the last one living who remembers a world without peace and discussing why you’re grateful.

For a day of peace, I naturally thought of people being kind, crime-free streets, lack of war, no need for armies…  But really I believe that our divine selves and their interconnections have capacities and abilities we can’t even imagine from our current narrow scope.  For instance, I believe as energy beings our true language involves no words, no language, and instead a transmission of energy that’s a universal language.  That means that in a peaceful world no one culture has imposed its language, culture or values on all the other cultures.  I believe that as energetic beings we can send dream bodies off to experience other places and substitute energy of the universe for food and… so much more than I can conceive of now.

I believe we create reality by envisioning and I don’t want to narrow the vision and thus perhaps narrow the reality we create by holding a vision that’s bound by my narrow view in the now.  I feel that the only real contribution I can make toward peace is to create peace in me.  When enough of us have “become peace” I think we’ll have a whole new vision.

So then I started considering the challenge to imagine being the last person on earth who remembers the world before peace.  And every time I tried to explain why peace means so much to me, as the last survivor, it was by painting some kind of picture of how it was to not be in peace.  I quickly realized that I would not want to be the person to re-implant ideas about crime and war and hate and fear for people who didn’t know those things.  Why tell a story of horror to those who have no concept of it?  Why sow the seeds for re-creating the old world?  And so I felt the only thing I would want to say to them would be, “I’m incredibly grateful for today and for the peace and harmony all around us–may that be all you ever know.”

I’m not sure I met the challenge as Kozo envisioned it, but I enjoyed the process of thinking these things through.  I didn’t consciously realize that I’d come to believe some of this.  But so it is.

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16 thoughts on “Dreaming Peace: Monthly Peace Challenge

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  3. Love this, Leigh. As usual, your post is full of wisdom and sincerity. I love how you wouldn’t want to implant the ideas of non-peace. I love the gratitude. I love the image of no imposed language, culture, etc. I love your spirit. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

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