Tonight’s Chanting and the Final Ceremony Breakdown

The last couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of a juggle since I’m committed to both my 40 day ego eradicating challenge and to chanting for peace.  Last week I was short on time and I decided–since the only thing(s) in me that keep me from being peace are ego blocks–that the 15 minutes of the Ego Eradicator plus Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (destroyer of obstacles) would work to fit both challenges.

This week I decided that I wanted to do both so I performed the ego eradicator, then substituted 10 minutes of the lovingkindness chant instead of the usual three minutes of mindfulness.  I could feel how much the ego practice opened me up and thus the power of the chant’s energy seemed more than usual..  My heart felt radiant.

Having built all that energy, when I finished with the chant to Ganesha the radiance in my heart increased and I felt it ignite the sea of chi with fiery energy.  I like putting different practices together and changing order and noting how it feels different to do things a different way.

If you have a story about your experience with chanting/praying for Collective Prayer Sundays today, comment her or on the Facebook page or write a post and both link it to this page and tag it CollPraySun.


The one piece of my “Break the Ancestor’s Spell” ceremony I haven’t posted about is the final piece, which was a last minute addition.  Sindy, of bluebutterfliesandme, suggested that I use the Clearing Vows and Contracts from the Akashic Records script that she posted on Facebook.  As soon as I read it I thought it should be part of the Ceremony.

I’m not sure whether it’s connected with with ARCI, but a friend of mine is an ARCI teacher and I took her first level course some years ago, in which you learn how to open your own Akashic Records.  So I included the ARCI formal opening of the records first and then read the script out loud.  I like the script and I feel that it will probably be something I do periodically just to be sure to keep clearing.

9 thoughts on “Tonight’s Chanting and the Final Ceremony Breakdown

  1. I’m curious about ARCI, so thank you for that, I will take a wander over and check it out. And many thanks again, Deva Premal has resonated so well that I now have this beautiful ladies mantra’s quietly singing within daily. Amazing the connection for me personally. Thank you for the introduction Leigh. Namaste

    • So glad Deva has been a good find for you. I’m not a big fan of ARCI, but I did find the class interesting and I like that the formal “opening of the records” serves to focus me so that I feel the connection more strongly. Some of my friends who’ve taken level 2, opening others’ records, are terrific at doing readings. I’ll be interested to hear your take on it.

  2. Hi Leigh, I have found your site to be an amazing place and have appreciated it for what it has given me as an enjoyable, learning and heartfelt place. For that I would like to present you with the Versatile Bloggers Award. To accept this award please click on my link in this comment and go to the Awards post on the Home page. At the bottom of the post it will give you instructions on how to accept the award. I have checked to make sure you did not have instructions that you were no longer accepting awards but if I have missed this please accept my apologies. Otherwise thank you again for the sharing of your site, I follow it as I like and relate to the gift of your writing very much. Namaste

    • I really appreciate the thought, the kind comments and the award. I actually put up a page a while ago asking for no awards — but the title gets a little chopped off since I changed themes… I WILL do a post that links to you and mentions the award. Thanks so much — Leigh

      • Ooops, sorry Leigh, they can be distracting to say the least. This was my first award so I was not sure of their etiquette. But regardless of that, following your journey and enjoying ‘the process’. As you have found my beautiful mantra chanting songstress (Deva Premal) I’m looking forward to more ‘finds’ on your journey as you wander with your heart and test the ethers. Thanks again, very much appreciate your kind words. Namaste

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