Seven days of eradicating ego

I finished my first week of the ego eradicator with mindfulness meditation and Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha (see previous post). It feels great every time I do it.  It builds a big energy and the flow continues for me long after.

Any change it’s creating is very subtle I’d say.  And since I’m always doing more than one practice at a time and more than one practice over time most change for me arises as an effect of cumulative efforts.

I mentioned that the night I did my ceremony to break an ancestral spell I felt pain shoot through the two locked areas in my head — tentorium and


falx — and the remaining locked muscles in my face began unwinding. That has continued.  The core tight pieces that, up to now, have been yanked around by other pieces unwinding but have not themselves let go have been opening at quite a pace.  I would say that the pace has picked up considerably since I began to do the ego eradicator.

I would also say that I’ve been feeling somewhat more inner strength and increased mental fortitude.  That’s something that’s been building with some other practices I’ve been doing for a while but the change is more noticeable in the last week.  When the unwinding muscles are letting me sleep only every couple of days it’s a little tough to decide how much stronger or more assertive I feel as fatigue tends to dull everything.   My vision has also improved.

I love this practice and I may be doing it beyond the 40 days.  But I want to be clear that it is not a magic bullet.  There has been no sudden miraculous shift nor have I suddenly been successful at some task nor magnetized some great circumstance.  There are lots of testimonials that make this sound like something that will transform your life after the first three minutes.  I’ve been at this long enough that I entered this challenge without assuming that my life would radically change.

But I do find the practice powerful and I can feel its impact on a spiritual level.  I find over time all spiritual practices slowly transform me but for me the change has usually been more inner than outer.  I’ve known lots of people for whom those inner changes have soon translated to big outer changes but that has not been true for me.  I have faith that the practices are doing whatever I need and that my higher self has the best plan. Sometimes that faith is the only impetus to practice, so don’t feel discouraged if the only change you feel from any practice is subtle.

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