Ceremony Breakdown: Protection

My sense that I needed to add a protection piece stemmed, to be honest, from my vague understanding of things like wicca and calling in spirits and being locked down by a dead ancestor…  I generally prefer to assume positive outcomes.  But in this case I wasn’t sure what the to-be-banished-ancestor could do and I wanted to have boundaries set so that when I called in ancestors and guides, no miscellaneous unwanted entities could show up.

After looking through my books and searching on the internet I chose two spells from a web site, Wiccan Spells,  You can see the two spells on the post about the ceremony.  I chose one to close my mind to outside influence mainly to block any possibility that the ancestor whose spell I attempted to break could affect me.  The other, the Golden Mist Shield Spell was to create a safe sacred space inside the circle.  The main point for that one was to make sure when I called the ancestors and guides that only high vibration entities could join my ceremony.

For me setting protection mainly served to underscore my usual intent for only positive, highest good outcomes.  I felt that by creating a ritual for that I bolstered my expectation of only good outcomes.  There are lots of protection spells out there.  I liked these two because they’re simple and don’t require props or hunting through the woods searching for the feathers of an obscure bird…  I also sprinkled salt, a traditional wiccan protection measure, around the circle.  It’s supposed to prevent evil from entering.

Between the chants creating a high vibration and the protection spells, I felt that I sat in a strong, safe place when I got to the meat of the ceremony.  That made it exactly the ceremony I wanted.

9 thoughts on “Ceremony Breakdown: Protection

  1. Thank you for this — I’m with Liz — it has me yearning for a little ceremony/ritual for me — I have this feeling it’s around unspoken dreams and fear and an ancestral desire to protect through not allowing, ‘blind obedience’ comes to mind. I need to meditate on that.

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