Ceremony plans–and CPS open for comment

Malcolm Lidbury (aka Pinkpasty) on Wikimedia

I’m still busily planning the ceremony I’m going to do to break the magic with which my ancestor has bound every succeeding generation (see post).  Since I’m barely a novice on the wiccan path I’m combining elements from traditions I know better.  Also feeling quite cautious given that this woman from seven generations back must have been very powerful to be able to summon magic that could bind every succeeding generation.

My plans thus include protection and calling in lots of help as I’m pretty hazy as to what a dead witch can or can’t do.  I know if I were truly practicing wicca I would figure something out about propitious days and hours, etc. but I don’t have the patience.  Autumn Equinox seems like a good day to me so I’m working feverishly on chants and spells –are you getting that this is going to be a LONG ceremony?  Taking no chances.  Enough is enough.

In the fast moving pace of the universe right now I’ve noticed that every time I mentally decide I’m done or compose a chunk of my spell, I can feel shifts so I think the ground is well-prepared.

In the meantime, the Equinox is also a Prayer Sunday, so don’t forget to pray for peace — I’m planning to start my ceremony with 10 minutes of the lovingkindness chant so I can participate and still do ceremony — I think it’s the first time I’ve been a spiritual multi-tasker… As always, please come here to comment if you have thoughts you’d like to share or write a whole post and tag it CollPraySun and/or link to this post or head to the Facebook page to have a conversation there.

11 thoughts on “Ceremony plans–and CPS open for comment

    • The only direct references to witchcraft in the Bible are in the Old Testament, which does not include Christ’s teachings. Not every branch of Christianity is against witchcraft. I have no problem combining and my branch of Christianity is fine with that. If you like views that express only your version of Christianity my blog is probably not for you as I study and practice concepts from many traditions and I feel that at the core of all of them are the same principles. I have written previous posts about this issue and about the fact that I have started studying wicca. I am not against witchcraft but I’m working on an ancestral issue, previously noted in an earlier post. If this one made you uncomfortable I’m thinking the others won’t be your cup of tea either…

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