Whoa — how did it get to be Sunday again? CPS open for comment

Bright sunGot in late last night after one of those roll-your-eyes travel days that ends a couple of hours later than expected.  Much too tired to think about or remember that it was time to do this post.  This is all I have the energy to do right now.  Declare post open for comment.

The 7 day chant for your enemy/difficult person challenge ends at midnight tonight.  Though of course these challenges can be done any time and I’ll always be happy to hear your thoughts about doing them.

If you’d prefer to comment on the Facebook page, that’s cool.  More info on Collective Prayer Sundays is on the CPS page.

Don’t forget to spend 10 minutes to chant or pray or meditate for/on peace tonight between 7 and 11:59 pm.  Let us know here how it felt, what you thought, etc.  Or write a post about it and link to this page and/or tag it CollPraySun.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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