Psoas and my healing journey

English: Anterior Hip Muscles

English: Anterior Hip Muscles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I reblogged a post on Tuesday that contained a very insightful discussion of the role of the psoas in physical health and its link to the soul.  I’ve known for a very long time that my psoas was tight but never read anything that connected it so thoroughly into many of my issues.  While I know that other muscles have been squeezing my organs and glands and creating a lot of the fatigue with which I’ve struggled, I didn’t realize that the psoas alone could cause the problem so the combo must have been huge for my body to deal with.

The info arrived at a moment when I’ve been reflecting on this journey and realize that something in me seems to be resistant to moving on.  I’ve had the impression for a while that if the muscles in my head would let me sleep the chronic fatigue would not be a problem.  Since my cranio sacral appointment last week the muscles have been fairly quiet but now something has been going on with my energy — it’s a bit like (but not quite the same as ) kundalini but I sense it more like a bunch of energy is being downloaded into me.  I’ve been hearing that that’s happening a lot for people so I’m not alarmed.  But it’s interfering with sleep.

It occurred to me that whatever part of my unconscious developed chronic fatigue in response to life and in order to keep me small and hidden is pretty determined to keep me from stepping out into the world.  Every time I heal one aspect of the illness, something else crops up that, interestingly, results in exhaustion.  And not getting out there as much as I want to be.

I’ve known a lot of the physical aspects of the psoas from yoga and using postures to help open it but I didn’t realize the adrenal/exhaustion relationship Nor the spiritual/soul connection, which feels so close to my core emotional issue. I’m pleased that my current psoas problems stem from opening it up.  I also note that as that source of fatigue has been healing my subconscious has thrown a new issue in.  Overall, though, I feel that I’m staying aware and determined and that I’ll get on past this.  Every time I’m challenged to look again at these issues I feel I move a little deeper and their hold grows lighter.

Several practitioners in recent years have commented that I’m working on the core.  The core, of course, is the piece with the longest strongest hold on you.  It’s also the piece that will keep finding a new way to keep your life where it thinks you need to be.  I’ve been wondering lately if Coyote, the trickster in Native American lore, lives in that core place where ego has let its fears drop anchor because I’m feel like something tricky is going on :>)

I’m constantly fascinated by the intricate ways in which physical and emotional issues connect and express themselves.

This post is for Jenny Matlock’s AlphabeThursday, which is P this week.

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15 thoughts on “Psoas and my healing journey

  1. It is fascinating — and I love how you explain its significance within your body — and thus, your soul’s opening.

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning — you touched something core within me. And yes, the coyote is also playing tricks within me! 🙂

    • It’s always so nice to hear that something I wrote touched someone else. This one was hard to explain and I wasn’t sure whether I managed to make sense, so I especially appreciate your comment. Wonder what coyote is going to pull on us next?!?!

    • Yes, that was one of those serendipitous things — happened to catch it on Twitter… how great that someone found this slightly old post and tweeted. I feel like I need to read it over and over… Glad is has use for you too.

    • Lots of years of pain and illness and body work made it pretty much a necessity to learn my body. And lots of years of teaching and practicing yoga helped. Sorry to hear about your back.

  2. It is pretty fascinating how one’s emotional state is directly linked to their physical state…

    It’s nice to hear you maintaining such a positive perspective about everything you are dealing with…

    I can definitely relate!

    Perfect post for the letter “P”.

    Thanks for linking.


  3. Im currently going through what you explained in this blog with Adrenal fatigue & feel like something is determined to hold me back. I fix one thing & then anothet one goes off & im back at square one. Your more advanced than I am but would love it if you could help me out. I’ve been searching for about two years & finally came across someone who would understand what in going through. Thank you for posting this & I hope to hear back from you.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having similar problems. Answers seem to be pretty individual; sometimes it’s just trial and error till you find what works for you. In the healing journey tab (see top of blog) there are posts that chronicle a lot about my journey and various things I’ve tried. Let me know if you have questions.

  4. I too suffer from adrenal problems (due to an bike/head accident)… good to know about the psoas and possible adrenal issues…
    i searched for this due to mantak chia and his yin/psoas poses… but the constructive rest is very good indeed – any other ideas?

    • I got a lot of help from acupuncture for the adrenal issues. They also generally had me take adrenal glandulars, which always seemed to help. My favorite yoga pose for psoas is reclining lotus pose. Hope you find what you need.

  5. Well, I learned something new today. I had no idea what a psoas was and now I do. I wonder if something similar is going on with me? It’s like I have one foot poised, in the air, about the cross the threshold, but can’t make the step. Good luck with your own steps. :0)

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