Reflections on more challenges; CPS open for comments

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I’ve finished three weeks now of doing the EFT practice that was posted on Serene Reflection (see previous post for the challenge I gave myself).  I like the tapping technique but I’ve always had mixed results.  I thought this script seemed powerful but I can’t actually tell at this point whether it has shifted anything.  Might be one of those things that doesn’t show up for a while.  Tonight I’ll be starting the final week, wherein I’ll be re-working the script a little to tap for my ancestors.

On Amazing Life Challenge the challenge this month was to journal every day.  I’ve had a strange and erratic relationship with diaries and journals since high school.  There’s a part of me that’s always liked the idea but I never keep up with it.  I have all kinds of notebooks and fancy little journals  with entries that go on for a while and drop off.  Some of them have entries from one year and then start up five years later — which doesn’t mean there isn’t some other journal (or more???) with entries from other years that were in between.

I managed to do quite a bit but there’s a spot with about a week missing and various other days.  I kept it a lot shorter than usual — one reason I drop off is often that I write too much and I get tired of it.  It’s been kind of nice to keep brief track of what’s been going on just enough to be able to look back at practices and progress but not trying to document everything.  I’ll try to keep going this time.  But really I don’t like to journal.

The early days of saying the lovingkindness chant for my late aunt (check here for the challenge and previous post) have been interesting.  On the first day I started dry heaving a few minutes in.  I know some practitioners have another explanation but for me that always accompanies releasing some pocket of emotion.  I could also feel a hard place in my heart that has her name on it.  As I’ve continued to chant it feels a tiny bit softer, but so far still there.

Don’t forget to chant or pray or meditate tonight for a minimum of 10 minutes.  See Collective Prayer Sundays page for details.  Please post comments about your experiences with this practice either here or on the Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on more challenges; CPS open for comments

  1. I have boxes of old journals that I look through once in a blue moon. The question “why” comes up often for me, but If for no other reason, I enjoy the act of writing itself – seeing the letters appear on the page.

    • I know so many people who swear by journal writing — I always wish it would “take” for me but so far it isn’t happening. I do like writing other things from the standpoint of seeing the letters appear — especially if I have pen in hand and the words are flowing.

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