Cranio-Sacral, Completion, and Challenge

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You may remember that I wrote from Marin in the spring that I was contemplating a new normal due to many changes.  From the outside I’m not sure that my life looks any different but a lot has been changing.  So much that I’ve been having trouble deciding how to break things up into some posts that aren’t novella length.  Today I thought I’d briefly touch on three things that have been going on lately.


It’s been a trying summer from the standpoint of the unwinding head story and its side effect of being sleep deprived.  That means there’s been a lot of unwinding at a time when I no longer have the trade for bodypatterning appointments.  When a little extra money came my way I felt it was time for some work and also a pull toward going to the cranio sacral therapist that my former c-s therapist recommended when she left town.  Robyn has had all the levels of cranio sacral where the boypatterning practitioners had only a couple of levels.

I’ve been blessed all through this process to have pretty good instincts about when it’s time to make a move in healing and which person to see for what kind of treatment.  My first appointment Monday was sooo good!  One thing I like about changing when things feel plateaued is that a new person with different training often has an alternative diagnosis or emphasis.

The great news for me from Robyn was that all the plates on the cranium moved pretty easily.  That’s something I have NEVER heard before in all the years of people working on me and discussing how unmovable everything cranial was.  Yeah!

Now I’m learning a couple of new body parts I didn’t know I had:  the tentorium and the falx are the two things that are completely

From wikipedia

unmoving now.  My fun new assignment before next week’s appointment is to talk to my brain in meditation and ask why these are

holding, what I can do or if Robyn can be given info about what to do. And, my thyroid is getting free!   Muscle squeezing it loosening nicely.  Yeah!


I participated for either the fourth or fifth time in Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge.  The other times I always got behind and wound up having 4-7 days of the meditation that I never managed to do before they were taken down.  This time I did all 21!

I saw that some other people didn’t like the topic this time (Miraculous Relationships).  For me, like many other things that are going on right now I felt like the messages of this particular challenge were exactly what I needed to be hearing and working on.

I’m also relieved to be finished because I’m participating in some other challenges and I’ve been dropping balls — not a good enough juggler to have this many in the air.  I’ve been feeling excited and hopeful though, which is why I’m keen to do these things.


A couple of people have told me that they’re having big effects from the current challenge for Collective Prayer Sundays:  chanting for your enemy (or difficult relationship).  I’m always so happy to hear that!

I haven’t gotten to the seven days yet as I challenged myself with the EFT practice posted a few weeks ago, Disentangling the Ties That Bind and I’m still working on it.  I did it for two different living relatives each for a week and this week I’m working on my dead aunt, Mary Jane.  Long ago I posted about my difficult relationship with her.

Even though she’s been dead a long time, I can occasionally find myself angry at the drop of a hat if reminded about something she said or did.  She’s going to be my choice for the seven days of chanting, which I plan to start now before I finish the EFT practice for her and continue into next week.

Next week I’m planning to do seven days of the EFT for my ancestors — I’ve written several times about how much I’ve been finding that ancestral patterns have affected physical and emotional issues in me.  See:

Opening to sight: the shaman, the witch and the ancestors

Stern and stingy ancestors

Healing Journey Monday:  Working on your ancestors

Healing the Ancestors

Busy times.  Gotta go.  Have meditating, tapping, chanting… to do!

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