Peaceful Sundays — open for comment

I’ve found myself recently taking on several challenges that involve daily practices, many of which “happen” to be about forgiveness in one way or another.  I’m having a bit of struggle to juggle it al so not everything gets the “daily”.  There will be a post…  later

In the meantime, don’t forget to pray or chant for peace tonight, 10 minutes minimum.  See Collective Prayer Sundays page for details.

The latest challenge is to chant or pray for seven days in a row (or as close as you can come) between now and midnight on Sept. 15 for someone you don’t like or with whom you have a difficult relationship or whom you consider an enemy.  Trying for 30 minutes a day but do what you can — always better than nothing.  For more on the challenge see post.

Discuss on Facebook page or here anything you’re finding about doing the prayers for peace.  Have any more of you met with a group?


6 thoughts on “Peaceful Sundays — open for comment

  1. always interesting you know  you’re getting closer and closer to a ” Christian” format, though this is a tough one since “forgiveness” negates empirical but is probably more sustainable, but all of this begs the question; W ho is keeping score or does it just make me feel better?

    • Pretty much every tradition I’ve dealt with has some sort of forgiveness practice or practice to balance relationships, etc. I’m including the lovingkindness chant for tough relationships as a forgiveness exercise.
      And the “who” question… that’s a big one. But mostly I think forgiveness is about clearing the slate for yourself so that you’re not hanging on to anger or the past. I guess the strict Christian view would say God is keeping score but I think God is Us and We are God so who’s who….

  2. The more I focus on my difficult other, the more blog posts I come up with in relation to him. I guess that is healing. Thank you for this wonderful challenge, Leigh.
    {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    p.s. Just signed up for a Vipassana Retreat in the beginning of October. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be accepted.

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