CPS post open for comment

Got a new tiny URL for the CPS page:


If you have thoughts, questions, comments about this week’s meditation you can make them here or see below for info on other ways to join the conversation.

Don’t forget the challenge for this time:  you have until midnight Aug. 11 to gather three other people to chant/pray/meditate for peace for 30-60 minutes.  Each person will pray or chant for him/herself for the first 15 minutes, then each person for someone they love/care about for 15 minutes.  Then the whole group will chant for earth/world for 30 minutes.  Suggest a brief walking meditation at least halfway through if not between each part.  Adjust times if you’re meeting for less than an hour.

Please comment here or on FB page or in a post about how it felt to do this with a group, how it felt to move through the three variations.  If you write a post please tag with CollPraySun or if you tweet #CollPraySun

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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