A Slow Journey Movement? And new challenge for Prayers for Peace

Note  A couple of days ago I started working on two posts and after choosing one to complete I morphed it into the other and clicked publish instead of preview.  I went back and re-did the ending when I realized what I did.  I’m finally getting to the second post.  A few fast-moving people commented on the half of the original post that was erased so you can see more on this topic back there.

The post was about recognizing that in spite of all the years of digging and practice and affirming, etc. I still have issues about self worth.  When I addressed them years ago they were easy to see.  This time as I meditate on it and look back into my childhood, asking to be taken to the time where I started believing I had no worth.  I can see how it’s tied up with some other issues I’ve looked at before.  But that’s the thing.  The  mind can tuck beliefs and issues around in the consciousness and attach one belief to 49 or  a hundred or a thousand other places and it can take a lifetime to sort through all the threads.

As I ponder all this I almost want to start a series of posts to launch The Slow Journey Movement.  Although I’m very much a New Age woman, I do have a long standing beef with the mentality it fosters that you change one belief or do some affirmations for a few days and change your life.  Not that those things never happen because they do.  But it’s not so common that major change happens that fast and a fully transformed life usually involves hundreds, if not thousands, of those changes.  Most of my biggest moments of change have arrived as a result of a lot of small practices and changes over a period of time; then when I hit the right process everything was ready to shift because of the prior work.

Sometimes it’s just slow.  Sometimes you have issues so intertwined that no practitioner or teacher can give you a plan to get beyond.  Sometimes you just have to figure out one step at a time.  For me there have always been enough milestones of progress and small changes that I could keep faith that if I just kept progressing I’d be well and full of energy again.  If you measure success by fast results this journey can be disappointing and I’ve seen people give up when they didn’t see enough progress fast enough.  Be the turtle and not the hare.

Challenge:  this time I’m making it a month-long challenge to give you time:  gather at least three other people between now and the end of the weekly prayer time on Sunday, August 11 (but it doesn’t have to be on Sunday or at a specific time) to meditate/chant/pray together for at least a half hour, preferably an hour.  Spend the first 15 minutes saying the lovingkindness chant (or your prayer or other chant) for yourselves (each of you for your own self).  Then spend 15 minutes saying it for someone you love or care about.  Then spend half an hour chanting for the earth.  Adjust the times as needed if you’re meeting for less than an hour.  I suggest that you have a short walking meditation at least halfway through and possibly between each of the three pieces.  Comment here or on the FB page or write a post about your experience of doing the prayer in a group and tag it CollPraySun.  See the Collective Prayers Sunday page for the chant and more info on CPS.

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5 thoughts on “A Slow Journey Movement? And new challenge for Prayers for Peace

  1. I started the inner healing journey about 30 yrs ago and stuck to it with a passionate obstinacy. If I wasn’t happy it was something internal to be seen, felt, let go of, if my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be it was something in me that needed to be addressed. I always lived in the truth that my relationships/my life are a reflection of my internal world. After a while I stopped believing in the unconscious – there’s only that which we haven’t looked at, yet. I can now say after this long slow journey that I see an enormous on-going difference, both internally and externally. I claim none of it, and feel extremely blessed. And the journey continues. . . . . . . .
    Lovely post. It reminds me of something I heard sometime somewhere – how do you know your mission in life is done? If you’re still alive it isn’t! I think our mission in life, yes, for everyone of us, is to get clear, to remember the truth of our being, to become liberated.


    • We weren’t too far off in time on starting the journey. I like that “passionate obstinacy” — that’s how it’s been for me. My first teacher operated from the “why did you create this reality” viewpoint — anything you don’t like about your current reality you created so look back in your life (in meditation generally) to find where and why you began the belief that created it.
      I’ve gotten so I try not to hang around constantly thinking that I have something to address and yet since I’m still not past the health issues that have prodded a lot of the journey, I keep asking those questions….

  2. Oh I keep asking too, anytime there’s discomfort, internally or externally, including with the body. I try to remember to live each moment as if I’ve chosen it. That’s from Eckhart.

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