More on collective prayer; chant and challenge

My friend Deborah added a comment last week that described so well the power of collective prayer that I asked her if I could copy it into a post:

” this whole concept of creating vibrational harmony in groups is the foundation of the gatherings for group meditation in Fairfield, IA on the ground of Maharishi International University. There are 2 large gold geodesic domes, one for men and one for women. The floors of the domes are covered with thick foam mattresses, covered with sheets. Meditators bring their own pillows and blankets and back jacks. Each dome can hold 1000 people seated in a meditating posture. People arrive at the same time (the doors are locked after a certain time), but may leave when they wish. Some stay for an hour, some for 2 or 3 hours. There is a morning meditation and an evening meditation time. The goal is to raise one’s vibrations as high as one is able through meditation and the practice of the sidhis with as many people as necessary.

According to some quantum physics formula, it would take the square root of 1/10 of 1% of the population creating this vibrational harmony together to affect the whole population. In our country, that means 2000 people doing this program together has an effect on the path of this country. That is why there was a call sent out all over the world for advanced TMers to come to Fairfield and to do their long programs together in the 2 months before the presidential election.

There are studies which show the effect this has on crime rates, health, accidents, hospital admissions, etc. In fact, a group of advanced meditators were invited to Washington DC by the mayor and police chief many years ago to spend the summer in one of the universities and do long programs to see if it would have an effect. The statistics were dramatic and at the end of the summer the police chief and the mayor asked the meditators to stay, but they could not stay without pay and there was no money offered. My point is that as there are many efforts across the world like this one, every person you add adds to the resonance building up.” [A friend of mine on Facebook pointed out an issue with the math and Deborah has corrected the formula to the square root of 1% so it comes out to about 1800 people.  Even better!]

Please join us on Sunday to pray or chant or meditate for peace.  Just 10 minutes.  Commit to a minimum of 10 minutes every Sunday between 7 and midnight in your time zone.  See Collective Prayer Sundays page for more info.

For anyone who’d like to chant “with” me, I finally have a recording that’s 10 minutes of me chanting the lovingkindness chant for earth on YouTube:  

I’m going to either create a page for it or embed it on the Collective Prayer Sundays page.  I’m also working on a recording of what I call the “body scan” portion of yoga nidra so that if you’d like to do a relaxation exercise before you chant you can practice the scan “with” me first.  When allergy season is over I’ll record it again…

This week’s challenge:  Chant an extra time before Sunday.  First chant usual prayer for yourself for a few minutes (or more).  Then chant for yourself again but change it this time so you’re chanting an affirmation instead of a prayer:

I am filled with Lovingkindness, I am well

I am peaceful and at ease

I am happy.

Note if it feels any different to say it as an affirmation instead of a prayer.  Tell us in the comments or on the Facebook page or write a post and tag it CollPraySun.

6 thoughts on “More on collective prayer; chant and challenge

  1. I really messed up the formula, so let me start again. The number of people needed to work together to raise the vibration of the rest of the population is the square root of one percent of the population. So, if there are 330 million people in the USA, one percent of that number if 3.3 million and the square root of that is 1816. Hope that clears things up. Mea culpa! I wish we could correct that in your post, Leigh, before it gets shared.

    • Well, a lot of people have already read it but I did put a correction in at the end of the quote so anyone else who reads it will get the right figure. In the end it works out pretty close to the figure you mentioned so the idea of how few it takes is there.

  2. I am not a believer in god…or even necessarily a divine creator. I do believe in the power of human energy and the power of the human spirit. So, I see how your plan of all these people working together and channeling their spiritual energy towards one goal may actually make a difference. I will try to set aside some time on Sunday to do this.

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