Prayer Sunday Open for Comment

First, in case you missed the post about it, this is the same blog as Notes from the Bluegrass but now with a new title and a new look.

As predicted, I didn’t manage the morning Global Peace meditation and, after a lot of not-enough-sleep-days, I didn’t get to the noon peace meditation called for by Ringo until the Central Time Zone’s noon.  But I did chant and toward the end I felt surrounded by a bigger wave of energy than I usually generate from chanting alone.  It felt like I’d expanded out to meet the others who were praying.

Don’t forget there’s now a Facebook page where you can comment on your experiences with the praying, chanting, meditating, etc.  There’s a “like” button for it to the right and I’d so appreciate it if you’d all click on it (when I get enough it will turn on some features for the page that I can’t use now).  I think you need to be logged into FB first.  Hide the page from your wall after that if you don’t want to see the posts…

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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