Change is afoot

Weeping cherries Lexington 2011A couple of months ago I wrote about circumstances changing and that I would be facing a different life when I returned to Kentucky from Marin.  I came back still feeling a little shell shocked and then encountered the psoas issue that kept me still for a couple of weeks so it’s taken a while to re–orient.  I think I needed the time out.

During the break from having a plan the unwinding muscles saga has been moving apace and finally I am free of enough of the vice grip that I can feel its effects on my outlook and sense of well-being.  I’ve also been working at a few things to do with my ancestors and with habits of thinking (some related to the ancestors) for a while now and recently I’ve been feeling the shift from that.  So some quiet, contemplative time worked out well.

Following old counsel from my (late) teacher, Ellen Margron, I didn’t sit around making plans and frantically getting a new structure together.  I’ve let things flow and as my life opens up a plan is coming together that has me feeling excited and committed and determined, etc. for the first time in a long time.  Mostly that involves writing.  But as I contemplated my interest in working for peace I came up with the idea of hosting a “pray together for peace” project.  And, as the ideas and excitement have flowed, I’ve also been contemplating my blogs.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember that a couple of years ago I spun off a second blog, Not Just Sassy on the Inside, with the idea of an outlet for “talking” about things other than my spiritual journey.  And then that I felt the two blogs should be combined at some point.

I still don’t want to pay for an upgrade.   And I’ve noticed the struggle many other bloggers have had upon upgrading to get their followers to re-follow; seems that after a lot of work to build a following you lose a big percentage of it upon getting a new domain name.  Recently I contemplated the two blogs again and decided that I want to switch them.  I love the Not Just Sassy title and feel like it fits the essence of my spiritual journey.

At first I thought about just announcing that the two blogs would now switch identities but then I realized that the same problem about followers would apply — I’m assuming most of the “Notes” followers would drop off if suddenly faced with the content of “Sassy” and vice versa and there I’d be…  Suddenly in an aha moment it occurred to me that WordPress makes it quite easy to change the title of a blog while keeping the same domain.  So, unless anyone wants to chime in with a “DON’T” warning, I’m about to switch the titles.  And the looks.

“Sassy” will become something more like “Scribbles from the Bluegrass”.  After a long period of being kind of undefined, lately I’ve been turning to the “Sassy” blog to express the cooking and writing and occasional commentating sides of myself and it’s feeling like that’s what I want it to be — the place to express interests other than spirituality–with a title that  reflects it better.  I’m also considering a separate blog for “reblogging” as I keep having trouble with my copyright outfit when I reblog on one of the blogs that’s supposed to be my original work.

Both the main blogs are probably going to be pink.  Because I like pink and as the blood flow has returned to my head and changed my complexion I can’t wear pink any more.  So pink.  Lots of pink.  Right now I’m still trying on themes and fiddling with them but I’ve got it narrowed and I plan to change soon.  So now’s the time to shout “No”  or “What do you think you’re doing” or “That won’t work!”  But the pink– don’t even try me….

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