Building Community to Pray for Peace

Challenge:  You’ll see reference to two other global peace prayer happenings this Sunday in the post below.  My challenge is for you to do one or both of the others as well as the 10 minutes of chanting/praying for Collective Prayer Sundays.  As a major night owl I’m rarely moving by 9 a.m. so I’ll admit it’s unlikely that I’ll be joining that one and thus unlikely that I’ll meet the full challenge.  Comment here on your experience of doing more than one prayer for peace or on any similarities or differences between the experiences.

In last Sunday’s post I described a worry I noticed while chanting that this effort to create a worldwide prayer for peace has failed.  Since I’m still on a learning curve about getting the word out, realistically I know that it’s way too early to know whether it’s going to be successful or not.  But the comment drew a really great response from Karen Wan of Writing Your Destiny and Enchanting Adventures and with her permission I’m copying it here:

I don’t think you’ve failed with your Sunday peace effort, but I do wonder if having a free teleconference that you lead that people could join would help increase the feeling of community.

It’s probably just me, but I can’t say that I find myself feeling connected to anyone else during the prayers, and unfortunately the Sunday night prayer feels like just another task to add to my to do list, so to be honest, I simply do my normal meditations that I was already doing that include a focus on peace and prosperity for all people.

Yet, I want to support you and I applaud you for taking action to do something to promote world and personal peace. I’ll keep trying to get more in the spirit of your intentions.


She’s right, so far there’s not much sense of community around this.  I’ve been working away at developing ways to create community for this prayer project.  I finally figured out the Facebook page and, as you can see, there’s a link on the right side of the blog.  I’m putting a comment each day on the FB page and you’re welcome to start your own threads, so that’s a place where you can engage in conversation about your experience of the prayers.  I put up a post on this blog each Sunday to open the comments for discussion as well.  So even if you don’t have someone to chant or pray with, you can join a discussion about the experience on the blog or on FB.

I’m also working on creating an audio file as a podcast or some other form on line in which I will be saying the chant for 10 minutes so that anyone who wants to can chant with me.  I’m considering the suggestion to do a teleconference but I see it as having the same issue I’ve had about simultaneous prayers in general:  whatever times suits me for the conference will be the middle of the night some place in the world and breakfast time someplace else, etc.  My thought was that a permanent link to a recording of the chant gives everyone a way to chant along with me at whatever time suits.  Thoughts and suggestions about this are welcome.

Some other suggestions:

1.  Karen and I are going to both meditate/chant at 9:30 CDT (her time)/10:30 EDT (my time) this Sunday.  If any of you want to feel as if you’re connecting in, chant at the same time we are and see if that makes a difference.  Get on one of the pages after you chant to find others who want to discuss.

2.  There’s a global meditation project over on Architects of a New Dawn that has a teleconferenced meditation every week beginning this Sunday:  World Healing and Harmony Prayer and Meditation .  It’s base seems to be in Australia so the time doesn’t suit me, but if it works for you (9 a.m. EDT), you can join a group by participating.  It won’t be in the time frame of my project but, hey, it’s praying for peace on Sunday — how could I complain?

3.  I encourage you to find like-minded people in your area and either get together in person to chant or agree upon a time that you will all chant/pray/meditate and then do a conference call or an online chat afterwards to connect.

4.  Think about creating posts about your experience of this chanting and tie them in to Bloggers4Peace — that way you can link into both this community and the growing B4Peace group.

Also note, this Sunday Ringo Starr has asked the world to stop and pray for peace at noon this Sunday in your time zone.

While I understand the sense of wanting community and I encourage doing this with community, I also really believe that since each of us is part of the All That Is, that every individual prayer has an impact on all of us and that even if we’re all chanting separately, if we can get the numbers to be big enough, the prayers will start having an impact.  I don’t think it’s fast.  I think we might have to keep praying weekly for a long time to shift the world.  But I do think we can do it.  See my previous post on the collective effects of raising vibrations for more info.

I’m also happy to get other suggestions.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m not that much of a techie nor very into social media other than blogging.  I’ve been researching all this for my upcoming ebook and it finally occurred to me to try to use some of what I’m learning for this project but I’m a neophyte so advice from those more experienced is welcome!

2 thoughts on “Building Community to Pray for Peace

  1. Leigh, this whole concept of creating vibrational harmony in groups is the foundation of the gatherings for group meditation in Fairfield, IA on the ground of Maharishi International University. There are 2 large gold geodesic domes, one for men and one for women. The floors of the domes are covered with thick foam mattresses, covered with sheets. Meditators bring their own pillows and blankets and back jacks. Each dome can hold 1000 people seated in a meditating posture. People arrive at the same time (the doors are locked after a certain time), but may leave when they wish. Some stay for an hour, some for 2 or 3 hours. There is a morning meditation and an evening meditation time. The goal is to raise one’s vibrations as high as one is able through meditation and the practice of the sidhis with as many people as necessary. According to some quantum physics formula, it would take the square root of 1/10 of 1% of the population creating this vibrational harmony together to affect the whole population. In our country, that means 2000 people doing this program together has an effect on the path of this country. That is why there was a call sent out all over the world for advanced TMers to come to Fairfield and to do their long programs together in the 2 months before the presidential election. There are studies which show the effect this has on crime rates, health, accidents, hospital admissions, etc. In fact, a group of advanced meditators were invited to Washington DC by the mayor and police chief many years ago to spend the summer in one of the universities and do long programs to see if it would have an effect. The statistics were dramatic and at the end of the summer the police chief and the mayor asked the meditators to stay, but they could not stay without pay and there was no money offered. My point is that as there are many efforts across the world like this one, every person you add adds to the resonance building up. Kudos to you! Deborah

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