Collective Prayer Sunday Challenge and News

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I’ve been so excited about Collective Prayer Sundays that I keep thinking about it and getting ideas.  So I’ve decided that periodically — possibly but not likely weekly — I want to float a challenge to try something extra (besides the commitment to a minimum 10 min. chant or prayer for peace every Sunday between 7 and 11:59 pm in your time zone).  I also want to give you a heads up about another world wide meditation effort, Global Meditation Movement.   The first meditation is Sunday June 23 at noon EDT.

Theirs is one of the many that have tried to organize one time when the whole world will meditate.  I love the idea but in the past I’ve also found that given different time zones around the world and people with differing habits and life styles even within a time zone, it’s not all that practical to expect world-wide participation and that’s why I set up Collective Prayer Sunday to have a time range in every time zone.  We won’t have the power of as many people at once but we can create a wave that circles the world all day!

So, for the first challenge.  If you’ve been participating, you know that I have suggested this form of the lovingkindness chant as a practice to use for the Sunday meditation:  May the Earth be filled with lovingkindness, may she be well, may she be peaceful and at ease, may she be happy.  If you’re doing this chant or willing to try it for one week, try this challenge.

Traditionally in the lovingkindness chant you chant first for yourself and then through a whole series of suggested levels (others will show up in future challenges) before you get to the world and then all sentient beings.  This week my challenge is to find an extra 10 minutes (or more!) to chant before Sunday and this time chant for yourself:

May I be filled with lovingkindness

May I be well

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be happy.

Make some notes about what you noticed in your body, whether any feelings arose, or anything else you noticed.  On Sunday when you chant for the Earth, note whether there is any difference or not in how it feels to chant for the Earth versus chanting for yourself. There’s no right or wrong answer, just things to look at.  If you have a lot to say, write a post about it and make sure you tag it with CollPraySun (and don’t forget B4Peace) or if you’d rather have a conversation, post comments here.

I also want to point everyone to a post on Laughter: Carbonated Grace.  Eileen has written a lovely prayer for use on Collective Prayer Sunday — if you don’t like the lovingkindness chant, you might like her prayer.  Don’t forget to check out posts in the Bloggers for Peace Network by checking the tag B4Peace.

6 thoughts on “Collective Prayer Sunday Challenge and News

  1. Absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for the suggested addition to this powerful chant. The time is now to practice it. With hugs of gratitude, Gina xo

    • Ah, the idea of the challenges is to give people a way to see something new or get a deeper understanding so I don’t think the “when” matters — consider them never “over”. Love that you participated!

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