Loved the chanting–I could feel it!


Today was the first day for Collective Prayer Sundays (yeah, yeah, I’m a nightowl–I know it’s technically yesterday, but I’m still on Sunday).  I waited until the end of the span and went long so I started about 11:45 EDT and went for 15 minutes into the Central Time zone’s last hour for praying for peace.  But all day long I could periodically feel waves of peaceful energy flow around me and I LOVED it!

I have no idea how many people participated.  I know here in the Lexington area some friends were spreading the word by mouth so if that was happening in other places there were lots more people praying today than I knew about.  I see this growing bigger and bigger.  I’m looking forward to feeling those waves until we are blanketing the earth in that loving energy all day and it’s so big it floats on into Monday.

I’d love to hear what others experienced.  Don’t forget you can also reach me privately if you don’t want to post at collpraysun at gmail dot com.

4 thoughts on “Loved the chanting–I could feel it!

  1. so excited that you got this going! it’s been crazy for me, but i’ve still be feeling the peace. i will be way more on board after things settle down. but, until then, i am with you in spirit! namaste.

    • In spirit feels just fine! I’ve moved enough to know it’s crazy-making. Asheville is so beautiful — how wonderful that you get to move from one lovely place to another!

  2. Perhaps because I had several boys camped out in my living room last night, it wasn’t quite as blissful for me, but perhaps even more necessary. 🙂 I’m glad that I took the time to connect with inner peace and send it out to others as well.

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