It’s love that builds community

That’s how I feel about creating a community of people praying for peace every Sunday (see Collective Prayer Sunday page)

A life itself

love builds communityWhen we participate in a spiritual or healing practice, we become one with the source of abiding and ever-present love.

We share, co-create and sustain a safe place where compassion and wholeness can be nurtured for ourselves and others.

Participating in a spiritual practice is like lovingly tending to your plot in a community garden. Initially, the immediate benefit is personal. As the flowers and plants in your plot are nourished and receive regular care, the scraggly shoots thicken and unfurl abundant new leaves and buds.

Eventually, the other community gardeners take notice of your beautiful flowers or vegetables, and are inspired to spend more time weeding, watering and caring for their own plot. One or two may even kindly pull a few weeds in a neighboring plot to offer support for someone who was not able to make it over to the garden that week.

As more of the…

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