The Power of Love and Peace: Prayer is Something Part 2

Though I can’t prove scientifically that the energy of lots of people praying impacts the world I believe it as much as I believe 2+2=4. I came to this slowly, over time, partly because of some things I read that felt right to me and partly because as I did practices and changed I began to feel and understand more about energy.  I’ve written posts about my belief that everything is energy (see The Energy of It All and For Me It’s All Just Energy) and that we are just energy beings whose fields reach out and interconnect and create the great web of all life.  In the web all things affect the whole to one degree or another.

In reading and studying there were a few specific concepts/books that influenced my thinking, two of which I want to discuss here..  Paul Ray, sociologist and Sufi teacher, along with his wife Sherry Anderson, psychologist, conducted a study on a group they called the “Cultural Creatives” in which they explored a theory that when a new idea has been accepted by a certain critical mass (50 million) of people that a paradigm shift follows and the culture begins to reflect that new idea.  Among the indicators of the cultural creatives are interest in spirituality and concern for the environment.  Their book, The Cultural Creatives, concluded that the CC’s in the U.S. are reaching that point of critical mass when a paradigm shift  begins to occur and the shift will be to a better future than where we now seem to be headed.*

David Hawkin’s Power vs. Force also had a big influence on me.  Using kinesiology, Hawkins conducted a huge study in which he discerned that people have different vibrational/energy levels depending on their overall state of development on a scale moving from shame to enlightenment.  He also did studies about the impact of higher vibrating people on others.  I don’t necessarily buy all the “science” as absolutely correct [I suspect that as science becomes more able to study such things there will be refinements] but I believe to my core his finding that there is far more power in the higher levels where joy, love , peace and compassion lie than at the lower levels.  According to Hawkins, one person with an energy of 400 (reason) counterbalances 400,000 individuals with energy below 200, one person at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals who are below 200.  [This is a very abbreviated version of his work that emphasizes what I take from it]

Those figures are just discussing the impact of higher levels for keeping at bay the destructiveness inherent in the greater numbers of people whose energy level falls below 200.  The power really starts taking effect when increasing numbers of people at the higher levels join together in practices that also radiate higher levels.  Then the level of energy in the all people begins to rise.  Imagine if a million of us began to participate in Collective Prayer Sundays, how much impact our energy could have on the world.   At a guess based on Hawkins’ scale most of us who are pursuing a spiritual path but haven’t reached no self or complete non-duality (600 and above), are somewhere from 250 (trust) to 500 (reverence).  Chanting and praying resonate at high levels so we are uplifted energetically when we practice them.  So one million people all at say, 400, could counterbalance 400 billion.

On the theory that when two or more gather together in prayer, meditation, etc., the effects are exponentially increased, imagine the impact of one million people focused regularly on peace …  I believe it could change the world.

*Point of honesty:  I am acquainted with Paul and Sherry and was present at some discussions of the book as it was progressing.  I have great respect for both of them both as professionals and in their spiritual journeys, to the degree I know of them, and I was incredibly impressed with this work.

8 thoughts on “The Power of Love and Peace: Prayer is Something Part 2

  1. Those numbers are so encouraging. 50 million does not seem that far off considering the power of the internet. I am focusing all my energy on raising my vibrational level as high as I can. I am so thrilled to combine this energy with you and thousands of others. Snowball effect, here we come. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  2. Then if we “spiritual types” collectively unify and participate, as has been done in the big ones, like Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance, we can do it. We must do it! It is why we are here.

  3. Leigh,
    Thanks for another fascinating post. I read the Cultural Creatives many years ago and found it very inspirational. Mostly, that book made me feel less alone. Not everyone in my life shares cultural creative values, but knowing that many people do keeps me going at times.

    I’ll have to check out Power vs Force. The ideas that each of us has a vibration and that our vibrations can work together and positively affect other people is something I’ve come to believe too.


    • It helps me too — especially since the mainstream leaves me feeling alone or in a fringe group — I think our numbers are much greater than what’s reflected to us. I’ll be interested in hear how you like Power vs. Force.

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