Healing Journey Monday: Progress!

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The long unwinding process has been moving at a faster pace the last couple of months.  I’ve realized regularly that I could see certain items more clearly at a distance and the last week or so there’s been an interesting interaction between the muscles in my face unwinding and my super tight left psoas finally opening.  I realize the progress is mainly meaningful to me but it feels important to “talk” about the fact that, even though it’s slow, the huge problems I’ve had with my health and body are working themselves out.

I noticed several times while in California that I could see road signs, etc. at a greater distance than usual.  The big revelation came when I went over to Louisville yesterday with a friend to see the wonderful retirement/service/ceremony/party for the lovely Rev. Susan Engpoole at Unity of Louisville.  I hadn’t been for a while and it’s a church that tossed out the hymnals and started projecting song lyrics on the wall a long time ago.  They project on a right wall and the last time I was there I was sitting in the center and couldn’t see the words at all–just blurry dark lines across the wall.  Yesterday I was sitting in the left side (quite a bit farther away from the wall) and, though it was blurry, I COULD READ THE WORDS!

Along with the winding gyrations that have been accompanying the vision improvements, there’s been a back and forth between releases in my jaw and behind my eyes and the sudden opening of my left psoas.  That muscle has been the cause of exclamations from practitioners since my experienced rolfer, over 20 years ago, first mentioned that he’d never seen a psoas that tight.  Since then I’ve regularly done a granddaddy psoas stretch in which you go into lotus pose and then lie down but every practitioner since has agreed that it’s been tight and unmoving.

It’s had a little bit of opening recently but I could still feel the big clump of knotty, glued together muscle in there.  This opening has involved several moments in which there was literally a big crack/pop inside.  As predicted by my latest practitioner, the other muscles that have been out of play while that one held like a tree trunk got pulled into action.  Suddenly I understood why those groin injuries that figure skaters are always getting can keep them off the ice — wow that hurts!  But through the pain I’ve also been able to feel the big lump in there is either gone or at least considerably reduced.  Right now I’m going very gently with a little bit of yoga stretching and a few of the triggers movements for that area because it’s still very sore but I’m so excited about how it’s going to feel to be free and flowing all through that psoas/hip/low back area that’s been so constrained all these years!

If you’ve been reading a while you know I’ve done a number of posts about how the body interconnects and the importance of keeping the flow.  I’m bringing this one up because it’s the kind of example that’s so rarely put together — even I, knowing all I do about interconnections, noted the relationship of my psoas and my face with surprise.

Painful though this process has been and long, long, long as it has been, I just want to jump up and down and tell everyone:  “Hang in there–sometimes it takes a long time.  Sometimes the healing hurts–I’ve found I have to learn when the pain is just what needs to happen and when I need to have something checked out (the latter has been rare).  Sometimes parts of you are interacting in ways you can’t imagine and you need to learn how to work with the patterns if you want to be open and let the prana flow.  You can get there!”

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2 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Progress!

  1. what a God Send: “Yesterday I was sitting in the left side (quite a bit farther away from the wall) and, though it was blurry, I COULD READ THE WORDS!” I use to go to church and not want to participate now I am all about it. Funny how we get older and enjoy the little things in life.

    • I’d forgotten about this post so it’s fun to have you bring me back to it. A little daunting to realize the stuff with my muscles is still going on but a nice reminder there have been major breakthrough moments along the way.

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