Here I come…

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Saturday I head off for another house/cat sit in lovely Marin.  Already have a bunch of dates written in for visits with friends–can’t wait!–and in between I’ll be hanging out, walking,  relaxing and working on my next e-book project on the beautiful hill I love.  I’ll be out there with only my new tablet.  Haven’t tried to do writing of any length with it so I’m hazy as to how much blogging I will do (for the book I’ll have one of my trusty yellow pads as I’m a hand writing gal when it comes to books).  I’ll at least try to snap some pix and give you some visuals with brief updates.

14 thoughts on “Here I come…

  1. Have a wonderful time Leigh! I will be there August 1 helping my daughter who is moving from NYC. She will keep the same job. Any suggestions for neighborhoods she might want to live in?


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    • I’m not familiar with all SF neighborhoods but I lived most of my first year in Bernal Heights — one of the few areas that’s NOT in the fog most of the time and –at least then– one of the not so expensive areas with some great views if you’re high enough up on the hill. Potrero Hill was a slummy area that was starting to make a comeback when I was there so I imagine that it’s got some nice but possibly not so expensive spots now. Noe Valley is very popular with the yuppie urban intelligentsia types though it’s a little pricey and spends a lot of time in the fog–but lots of nice shops, cafes, etc. If she’s interested in Marin I can give you more info, but generally if I were young-ish I’d head for San Rafael, the largest city in the county with a bigger mix of people and plenty to do. I can also name some hippie areas, millionaire areas, etc. Let me know.

  2. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I know how important this time in Marin County is for you. I can’t wait to see who you are when you get back! Enjoy to the very deepest parts of your being, dear Leigh.

    • This is my only one but since I used to live there and this little guy spent more time in my apartment in his kittenhood than in the main house, staying with him is special. Maybe I should look into doing it more….

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