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Buddhism 101 explains how happiness and suffering are states of mind, and how external conditions can only make us happy if our mind is peaceful. Even if we are in the most blissful surroundings and have everything we need — the one time we might reasonably expect to be deliriously happy — we’re still not if any agitation is arising in our mind for any reason.

Let’s say you’re having a particularly amazing experience. It’s your birthday party, your devoted friends have been planning it for months, and it is taking place on an exotic island. Every single one of your best friends since early childhood has been invited and can be there; it’s a miracle! The food is incredible and none of it has any calories. Wafting scented breezes, lapping waves, soft lighting, your favorite music, the perfect temperature…. It’s paradise, isn’t it? What’s the problem? There isn’t one!

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  1. Hi Yogaleigh, please would you be kind enough to tell me how you re blogged Luna’s article? I have just set up my first blog site, first blog not quite got to press yet, and when I pressed the reblog button, I discovered later that the article appeared with me as the author,horror! Thanks a bunch x

    • Most of the time I read articles in the reader and click on reblog from there but sometimes I go to the post and click reblog on that tool bar that shows up at the top if you’re logged in. Either way WordPress reblogs it with my blog shown at the top and then full credits to the blogger who posted it. People can only read the first two or three paragraphs in my blog and then they have to click through to the original post. If you’re clicking reblog and having it turn out some other way I’m not sure what to tell you because it’s always happened the way I described above for me.

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