I should read this reminder every day…

Dare Boldly

It begins with a comedy of errors. I take my laptop into an office where I’m doing some consulting to have it synced with the office systems, go to a meeting late in the day and the admin assistant, concerned for my laptops safety, locks it away.

When I return, she has left for the day (it was after five) and no one has the key to the cabinet where she’s locked it away. Not to worry I tell myself. I can use my iPad to write my blog in the morning. Using the keyboard is almost the same as working on my laptop, I convince myself.

Except, after five minutes, my keyboard dies. I go in search of batteries. Actually do find the package I bought awhile ago for emergencies just like this! Yes! I replace the batteries and begin to type.

Except, the keyboard keeps dying. After several…

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