I actually picked this up because it was reblogged by Mindmindful (http://mindmindful.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/9035/). I try not to reblog too often and really try not to do two in one day but I love this. And it actually feels like a perfect fit with the one I reblogged from be.love.live

only here only now

I used to believe that love was a form of relationship.  I love you; you love me.  That’s our deal.

I would diligently monitor my love relationships.  Feeling hurt or wronged, I would ask- was that an act of someone who loves me?  If she loves me, how can she not see my needs?

Or I would turn this judgment on myself.   Why have I been filled with anger towards her?  Why have I been so cold and distant?

When the ledger got out of balance- and it always did- I called the deal into question.  Does she really love me? Enough?  Or, looking inward, I’d ask whether my conduct suggested the absence of love?  And in either case, I doubted my commitment.  Perhaps time to back out of the deal, I’d think.

All, all, wrong.

Love, as I now seek to live it, is not a relationship or a…

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  1. Leigh,

    First, thanks so much for reblogging this post. Very generous thing to do.

    Also, I am fascinated by your own work here. The message of “participatory” healing resonates with me right now. I’ve fallen away from a regular practice of physical workouts and meditation- not sure why. But I can feel the effects- spending much of my time up in my busy head- worrying, looking ahead and back, disconnected from the present moment.

    I am going to start again- today. And coming to your blog and reading your posts is giving me extra inspiration. A sign, I feel, of the rightness of the path I seek to walk again.

    So thank you very much- for both of these gifts you’ve given me.


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