What if God is all of us?

I’m re-posting this one from a while back because I’ve been reflecting about these questions again.  A bit more is added here.

Reading a novel that yet again brought me the endless debate on whether God exists I was feeling kind of, “Blah, blah, blah.” The usual questions were raised, “if God exists why does He allow so much awful stuff to happen?” And the counters about miracles and faith. Blah, blah, blah. But my mind being what it is by a few “blahs” later the debate drew me in and I wondered what might answer the question about a God who would sit back and allow hurricanes, murders, famine, etc. The old “there are reasons in the universe that are beyond our understanding” never really worked for me.

Right away I realized the debate always seems to rest on an assumption that God is an entity (just one) who exists somewhere out there—well, not just out in the heavens, but outside of us—and decides our fates. But I believe that we’re all part of one giant interconnected consciousness and that God is the totality of that consciousness; looked at another way we’re each a part of God. Or maybe we are Him and He is Us.

From that perspective I look at the state of humanity and it seems to me if God is all of us then pestilence and famine aren’t such a big surprise. If we want a kind and loving God maybe we have to be kind and loving. What if God is all of us?  What if we are God and perfect magnets for good or bad depending on our thoughts and actions?  What if all the good people and all the bad people add up to God and the good or bad of the Earth rests entirely upon our shoulders?  What if the only way to have peace and joy is to achieve a majority of people who live in heart space, in love, in peace?  What would you do?


10 thoughts on “What if God is all of us?

  1. I liked you mind working today. God is not a thing, a person, etc. We use the word to capture a dynamic of movement from first beginnings onward. The word god carries so much baggage. Get rid of it. All will be better off. Jack

  2. Nice post! “God” sounds a lot like Buddha nature. Something that is everything, but also inside us. And everything, every stone, tree, roach, spider, saint and sinner have Buddha nature in them. What would I do? I agree with everything you’re saying. I guess all I can do is try to be the best me possible and hope it spreads some good in the world.

  3. What a wonderful post! Truly resonates with me, and as Jordan wrote, it’s easy to see the similarity between this oneness and Buddha nature. Beautifully written indeed! Thank you for this inspiring post. Namaste. Gina

  4. I rather like the ideas of 17th century Jewish-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza that what some call God is what others call Nature. They’re one and the same…and you’re getting close. Thanks.

    (Nature, incidentally, does not concern herself with the dress codes of others, or take sides in wars.)

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