Healing Journey Monday: Working on Your Ancestors

I’ve been periodically aware of the influence of my ancestors on the current state of my life and over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of ways to work on issues that stem from family patterns. I’ve never tried to do an exhaustive study so I’m sure there are dozens more possibilities than what I am presenting, but these are some things that have worked for me. If you believe the past is the past and the dead are unreachable, then this is about to be too woo woo for you. And I’m dipping into territory that’s more woo woo than traditional practice. So beware, woo woo is afoot below…

First of all, I think lots of spiritual practices have an impact so I believe that my years of practicing the Eight Key Breaths and the Five Tibetan Rites and Flying Crane Chi Gung have been subtly working on the energy level of these problems for a long time and possibly I’d have gotten through these issues with only the practices. But I like to try different practices and modalities and I’m usually lobbing several “fixes” at any issue, so I also went for the woo woo.

About 10 years ago a practitioner with shamanic training told me that I had an issue that went back seven generations in the maternal line. I gave more detail in a previous post, but the short version is that I used meditation to go deep within and then asked to be taken back to the ancestor who started the issue. That got me information–whether you believe that such information is true makes a difference in deciding to use the technique—that the women in my family were seers and one was burned at the stake leading her daughter to close down the “sight” for all generations to come.

Having pinned down an ancestral story to work on I wasn’t sure what to do. A friend of mine mentioned that with second degree Reiki you learn how to send healing long distance or through time. Shortly after I took a class for second degree (I’d had first for a long time) and started sending healing back to the daughter. Sometimes I said the lovingkindness chant for her. I felt like the issue became somewhat better but I still felt that she was holding all of us who came after in her belief. Periodically I’ve continued to send Reiki and to try to reach her in meditation and offer her lovingkindness.

Later I started noting patterns of poverty consciousness going way back in my family tree. I work a little bit with Akashic record reading (see ARCI) so I did a reading and got advice to work with EFT (Emotional Freedom

EFT-tapping points

EFT-tapping points (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technique), including a couple of phrases to use for the process. I started tapping with the phrases and there was some opening in my body work sessions and a few things seemed to open up in the way of financial opportunities but it didn’t seem to eradicate the issue.

Skip ahead to my recent realization that the ancestral poverty consciousness is also linked to ancestral patterns of holding tension in our bodies, especially jaw and face. I went back to the Records to ask for more suggestions and I came out with two more EFT statements to tap, an affirmation to repeat and a statement to use with one of the ARCI grace points. After a couple of rounds the muscles at the core of the holding patterns in my head finally started to open. They’re still unwinding but I know it’s basically done now.

At a recent Full Moon ceremony we each wrote down something to release and threw our pieces of paper into the fire. I released another aspect of ancestral holding. To be honest, I’ve never personally had a dramatic result from any of these ceremonial burning practices but I’ve occasionally encountered someone who has and I like the symbolism of releasing old stuff to flames so I love to take part in those.

Shamanic journey is another path to work on this kind of thing but I’ve never used the personal journey techniques I’ve learned to chase down an ancestral tale so I can only tell you it’s another possibility that’s available.

From meditations to affirmations to long distance Reiki to EFT and beyond, there are a lot of ways you can work on ancestral issues (cellular memory) if you believe you can impact your predecessors and my experience is that you really can get things to move on out.

2 thoughts on “Healing Journey Monday: Working on Your Ancestors

  1. Fascinating! As you know, I have used the loving kindness chant to deal with an issue of anger arising from verbal attacks from a neighbor. It was amazing to me how quickly I began to see him as a suffering soul rather than abusive. I, too, forgot to chant for myself and am glad to be reminded to do that. Now that neighbor has become threatening to others (including waving a gun around) and I find that I do not respond to that in my body or my emotions, even with the heightened threat. So I am grateful for your tutelage. I am also relating to the holding of patterns in the jaw and face and see that in both my husband and myself and how that relates, at least for him, to poverty consciousness. I am now wondering how far back some of my challenges reside in my ancestry line and how I might go about working on them as you have. For me, the shamanic journey has been very powerful as well as work with the Akashic Records. I feel I just need to focus more on the ancestry line now that you have pointed out its importance. Thank you once gain, Sri Leigh.

    • It really helped me to do some hunting on Ancestry.com — and now there’s a lot more free stuff available–especially looking at census records — it’s amazing what you can start putting together. Also things like the history of the scots-irish for me — my grandmother used to make that reference but I didn’t know what it meant nor that I had quite a few lines that all descended from the big scot-irish migration so reading about that gave me some more clues about how poor they were back to the 17th century at least. I feel like it’s a combination of what I’ve been able to piece together and then how to use practices to do something about it. You and Richard have done so much practice and work I always feel honored when you say you learned something from me!

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