Healing Journey Some Day or Other — Clearer vision



The Flint Institute of Arts was founded in 192...

The Flint Institute of Arts was founded in 1928 and is a member of the Flint Cultural Center. It was recently renovated and reopened with an expanded collection in September 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I go back to my home town each year I’m always too busy to be examining my life or purposefully working on my spiritual journey – I’m doing well if I manage a single meditation—so I’m not ever looking for transformation. But several times I’ve felt that things shifted – something about wandering through that old familiar territory seems to have an impact even if I’m not trying (or maybe because I wasn’t???).


This time I noticed the last couple of days of the visit the muscles in my face and head were really in motion and moved to a deeper pattern. On the trip back home we made several stops for coffee, lunch, etc. at places with menu boards behind the counter. My eyes have been changing so often that I only wear glasses (a very old pair that’s too strong now) to drive and the rest of the time I let the world be a little blurry around the edges. It’s been slowly getting better but whenever I go into a place where I know I’ll be facing a menu board I take my glasses in and usually wind up putting them on briefly. At every stop I noticed to my surprise that I was reading the board easily and the glasses were still in my hand. That takes my clear vision area to maybe eight feet. I started out with something more like six inches and it’s been very slowly working outward. Reading those boards was the best!


I love those moments when I don’t know what shifted or why but there’s physical evidence that something changed. I also love those moments when I experience healing that doctors would tell me is impossible. That was maybe the best end of the vacation day ever.




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