Absent again…

I’m out of town again — back to my home town this time.  Walked off without my laptop and doing internet on my phone drives me crazy.  The computers at our hotel have been down and now that I can get on, their ancient browser won’t let me see anything in “The Reader”. 

Given my recent questions about blogging and my commitment to it, I’m finding this pretty funny.  I am VERY sorry, though, that I’m unable to read your blogs.   I’ll be back to my laptop soon and I’m sure I’ll be bursting with things to say.  And I’m looking forward to reading your posts again!

7 thoughts on “Absent again…

    • Yes, I forget how very recently I wouldn’t have thought of taking a computer with me or owning a phone that could browse the internet (oh but the tiny tiny screen…). It WAS nice to have a couple of days in which I couldn’t do all that even though I tried.

  1. Your post made me laugh also. I am visiting our daughters…3000 miles away from my computer with a Google that does everything for me including memorizing all my passwords. Alas, I did post-date a few blogs however I too have been taking a break from techno filled days. Hope your trip was lovely, Leigh.

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