I feel the earth?… my back?… move… What’s quaking?

When I lived in San Francisco and Marin County the earth was often moving. I got kind of used to feeling a little bit of shaking. Then when kundalini started running I sometimes woke up to the sensation that the bed was quaking and I’d realize that we weren’t having an earthquake, it was just me. Occasionally a jolt of energy would throw me sideways across the bed and my eyes would fly open to examine my surroundings and wait breathlessly for sounds that the earth had cracked and houses were falling. Then I’d realize that the earthquake came from me…

Lately, as the core of holding in my muscles is opening there are periodically so many tiny shifts and movements that I feel like I’m shaking on the inside. It’s been so long since I lived on the ever shifting earth of the Bay area that it took me a while to realize that this internal quaking actually feels a lot like that sensation of vibrating with the moving earth.

It’s one of those, “Yes, I’m remembering to feel grateful. Yes, I know this means the healing is almost complete…” things. It leaves me a little queasy and definitely unsettled and it’s a challenge to hold a space of gratitude. But hey, yea, I’m quaking and shaking and I’m so grateful for the healing.

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