I had trouble deciding which blog this should go on. Pretty sure I picked the right one but then I thought maybe it should be here too and I’m too lazy to copy and paste and maybe have to re-do links so reblogging…

Scribblings from the Bluegrass

Fellow blogger Tracie Louise has just created a new line of t-shirts and stickers. The above picture is one of the designs you can buy at Redbubble. I think they’re so lovely I asked her for permission to use the pictures and share the link to the order site. I posted the first–”be happy”–on Notes from the Bluegrass yesterday. Hope you like them.

As with my post on Notes yesterday the connection to the picture is a little circuitous—and I’m rambling again–but it does fit. I’ve been thinking about this Sassy blog a lot lately. It keeps falling by the wayside and I keep meandering among different topics and styles when I do post here and sometimes I wonder if I should just give it up or merge the Bluegrass Notes one with this and expand the concept to be more than the spiritual journey. Can’t make up my…

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